Building a Mobile App That Works: An Updated 2022 Guide


Charging your smartphone, and having it in your pocket when you are getting out of the house, have long ago made it to the list of the checklists you repeat in your mind, such as “charge phone, do the dishes, get groceries”, or “wallet, car keys, home keys, phone”. And with the world going mobile, the use of mobile applications for various purposes throughout the day has become one of the most ordinary things for more than half of the world’s population. 

Mobile App That Works

Thanks to this unstoppable craze, new tools, and software for creating mobile apps with a multitude of incredible functionalities, are being developed constantly. As a result, learning how to create an application has never been easier than today, making apps a great business and/or marketing opportunity. Whether you want to build a mobile app to make a profit, grow your business, or just to have fun, there are app-building programs that you can use even without having extensive knowledge or being an experienced programmer. 

Think Your Concept Over

There are millions of mobile apps available on the market, and not all of them can become successful. Coming up with an idea that can truly work and guarantee that your app will make it on your target audience devices and stay there, isn’t an easy task. Of course, there is a chance that you wake up one day and a brilliant bulletproof idea appears in your mind out of nowhere, but it’s far more likely that you will have to work on your concept after deciding that you want to create an app. 

To make sure that your idea will work, you also have to make an effort to conduct research. Your idea may seem to you or people you talk to as extraordinary and ingenious but further research may reveal to you that there already are good popular mobile apps with the same concept, or that there isn’t any interest in such applications. 

Nevertheless, don’t beat yourself up if you realize that your idea isn’t as original as you thought. Instead of coming up with something completely new, you should focus on determining what will make your app different and better than the other similar apps. 

Be Smart About the Design

When it comes to design, being original shouldn’t be on your mind. Most smartphone users tend to use mobile apps that feel familiar, or in other words, that work in a way that feels natural to them. Even if you have the best idea, if your app’s design isn’t intuitive or if it’s too complicated, it asks them to complete a lot of actions, for instance, typing, it’s very likely that the majority of the people who download it, will delete it right away.  

Research shows that people decide whether they are going to read an article, or buy a product from a website, in just a matter of seconds. Similarly, for mobile apps, a lot of people decide fairly easily that they have no use of an app seconds after opening it for the first time.

One mistake you should try to avoid when you start designing a mobile app is adding too many features. Instead, focus on the essential ones or the basic form of your app. This can not only help you test it but also it can help you avoid cramming it with too many options, which will result in a high uninstall rate.

Building a Mobile App That Works

Promote Your App

With so many apps on the market, you need to develop a strategy to reach your targeted audience. This refers to the people who may want to use your app, or who may find it useful. Becoming visible is the best way to attract people to download it and to give your mobile app a chance to work. 

How hard it will be to be visible depends a lot on the type of app you are building or its purpose. For instance, it’s much easier to get people to download your app if you are building it for an existing business, as a way to improve customer experience and increase profit, than a commercial app.

 So, to make your mobile app successful, you have to think of a suitable way to promote it. If you are convinced that your app could do well but not enough people are downloading it, then you should probably think about optimizing your marketing strategy. You can also hire professionals to develop a strategy for you. 


Mobile apps are a great opportunity for profit. Remember that the most successful mobile apps constantly create updates, taking advantage of new technologies as they appear. This year, to make an app that works, consider implementing some of the mobile app development trends.

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