A couple was bashed online for sending a list of “Wedding Rules” along with the invite for the guests to say I do to their matrimonial mandate. The aggressive rules written in an ‘unnecessarily rude’ language have sparked outrage among Internet users.

Couple's 15 Wedding Rules Go Viral on Reddit

An unidentified couple was Internet-shamed after one of their guests took to Reddit to share a list of ‘Rules’ sent out to them by the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. In a rather off-putting language, the bride and groom had written 15 rules many of which could be construed as reasonable. From “do not get in the photographer’s way, this is our big day, not yours” to “your opinion is irrelevant, keep your should’ve, could’ve, would’ve to yourself”, the couple has gone out of the way to be blunt and clear about things that wouldn’t be acceptable at their wedding.

Bride And Groom's 'Aggressive' Wedding-Day Rules Leave Internet Divided

Well, as the outrageous rules in a no-filter language emerged on Reddit and later went viral, it has raised the eyebrows of people on social media. The Internet has been divided into two segments of people giving their views and opinions on the couple’s approach. The audience is commenting on the post regarding wedding etiquette and getting into heated arguments with each other.

Most people feel that the rules are quite reasonable but are just ‘aggressively phrased’ and the tone is rude and distasteful. But some got into hate comments calling the whole Wedding Rules idea “ridiculous” and a strategy for “lowering the headcount”. One of the most controversial points turned out to be the Number 5th Rule which said that the guests’ opinion is irrelevant as they did not put any money into the wedding. A person even said that the couple doesn’t sound “mature enough to get married”.

However, the question remains that had the couple not been so blunt and aggressive in their language, would the guests have followed the ‘rules’ written in a polite and requesting way? Don’t these straightforward sentences show how bizarrely some guests can behave?