Birthday Party Themes to Celebrate Brother’s 20th Birthday


Birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special day are something that we all wait for the entire year, and certain milestones hit differently altogether. Same as our twentieth birthday. 20 is a big number, therefore a grand celebration with all your close ones is a must-have.

birthday party theme

Is it your brother’s 20th birthday? Wow, your brother is a big boy now, stop treating him like a baby. He will finish his teens and will be called an adult in a few days. So to welcome him in the “adult group” make sure you’re throwing him the biggest party of his life that he will remember for years and years. This surprise party should have everything that he loves, right from the perfect venue, his clothes, and the happy birthday cake, see to it everything is of his choice. Other than these things, have you thought something about the birthday theme? It’s his 20th birthday and things cannot be simple and boring like other parties. So, we decided to help you out with the themes that can change the mood of the entire party.

So, here we have rounded up 5 birthday party themes those are fun, and your brother will enjoy them to the fullest

Halloween Theme Party

If your brother loves to watch horror movies, then this Halloween theme party is a perfect surprise for him. They are fun and scary at the same time. The dark lights, the orange pumpkin, and the fake blood all over will create the entire vibe that you are looking for. A batty birthday cake, ghost balloons, and even the cupcakes make sure even the smallest detail is according to the theme.

Superhero Theme Party

If your brother loves superheroes then he will fall for this theme. The superhero theme party will have everyone he wishes to meet right from his childhood and will bring out the child inside him. From decor, food, and especially the costumes. Make sure everything is well-coordinated, and we can guarantee you he will love it.

Masquerade Theme Party

This is an excellent theme option that you should consider. Masquerade theme party is a modern-day costume party where everyone wears a fancy mask

throughout. If you’re looking for something different and classy this time, then this theme will be a great pick for you

Bollywood Theme Party

Who doesn’t like to jam over Bollywood music? Right from costumes to the decorations, there are a lot of things that are to be done to throw a Bollywood theme party. Bollywood is all about being a little extra than normal, therefore, make sure to live up to the theme. Make sure to serve a different variety of Indian food as Bollywood represents India.

Cartoon Themed Party

Your brother is going to be turning 20 soon, then why not throw a party with all his favorite cartoon characters from his childhood? Right from Mickey mouse to Chota bheem, make sure everyone is there to say goodbye to his teens. The decor ideas, the costumes, everything should be pre-planned. We can guarantee you it will be a nostalgic feeling for him.

Our list ends here but still, there are a lot more options that you can explore for your little brother’s birthday. Other than this if you want to surprise him on his birthday morning with something special then order cake online for him with a note and the custom for the night. He will be shocked and excited too.

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