Best Free Music Download Sites: Music is the elixir of life. You can listen to music on a lot of websites for free. This is a list of websites from which you can legally download music and keep yourself entertained. You can explore the work of new artists, listen to their compositions as well as download music for free. These are legal websites that will not charge you a dime to download your favorite music.

10 Best Free Music Download Sites

All the files available on these websites are in the MP3 format. These are a list of top 10 websites for free and legal music download

1) Soundcloud


This is a hub for artists who want to upload their compositions and let people know of their creative work in music. There are unlimited downloads on these websites and the music is free. You can only upload and download audio files from this website. This is a German company that was founded in 2007. This is a website for artists to upload their music and promote their work. You will not be allowed to upload copyrighted music on this website. There are also options to monetize when you upload music. You can download the music of any artist from the website for free. This is a free streaming community where many popular artists share their music for free. This app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

2) Jamendo


The music on this website is supported by the Creative Commons license and lets you download music for free. This is also a website that stores stock music that can be used commercially in the background music as well as for compositions. Many popular artists upload their albums which you can download for free. Songs in many international languages are available to download for free.

3) Audiomack


For those who love hip-hop and rap music, this website is your paradise. It has collections from numerous hip-hop artists from around the world. You can find tracks from many popular hip-hop artists as well as emerging artists on this website. This website has streaming services as well as a large collection that is downloadable. You can listen to and download music, mixtapes, and collections from many popular artists.

4) Live Music Archive

Live Music Archive

This is a dedicated internet archive that makes legal downloads of music available. You can navigate and download music from a humongous variety of music genres. You can stream and download live shows from various bands and popular artists on this website. You can find audio as well as video files to download from this website.

5) Noisetrade


This is a website where you can download music as well as promote your music. In order to download or promote music, you have to sign-up on this website with your email address and postal code. If you like some artists, you can also donate them as small amounts at $4. This website has a simple user interface that makes navigation easy. You can easily browse through numerous artists and download their music. One of the unique features of this website is that it provides samples of music from artists before their albums are released.

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6) Musopen


A website that lets you download classical music. You can browse through any composer or performer on this website and download their music for free. There are no copyright restrictions on this website. Enjoy classic music arrangements from the Romantic or the Baroque period. You can select any track for streaming or downloading from this website. You can also learn a good deal about music and musicians from this era on this website.


This is the oldest site for music downloads on the web and has a very large collection of songs. Apart from downloading music from different genres of music, you can also upload music and find albums from the collections of new artists. You can share the work of artists that interest you and explore music in different genres from this website.

8) Last.FM


This is a free internet radio station as well as a website that lets you download legal music for free. It has a repository of many genres of music which you can explore and download free music. You can find music from many artists that are available for download. You can browse through extensive playlists and save them. The website listens to your playlist and suggests artists based on your taste in music.

9) Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

This is a website that has vast playlists and music from various genres, radio stations, labels, and albums from various artists. Most of the songs can be downloaded for free. Though the layout of the website is cluttered, you can still find amazing music on this website to download. You can make your own playlists and listen to your favorite music for many hours together on this website.

10) Amazon MP3

amazon mp3

Amazon which has been the biggest retailer in the online space also has a website that lets you download free music. You can choose from a list of songs to download and it also gives you options to buy songs if you want to. There are more than 40,000 songs on this website that are available to download in MP3 format. You might not find the latest songs on this website but their database has the best of popular songs from the various music genre. The website is organized and lets you browse through lists from various categories and music genres.

Our special pick


This is a music website that lets you download unlimited music for free. You can explore artists and bands in various genres, listen to music, as well as radio, and download your favorite songs. You can also listen to live stream music and download umpteen songs from various genres. They also have a QTRAX music player that can be installed on the Windows operating system.

We hope you loved our collection of best free music download sites. Now you can listen to your favorite music free from anywhere anytime. Let us know which is the site you loved the most from the list.