European football or soccer is really a phenomenon if one must say so. There are hundreds of teams, hundreds of leagues, and thousands of players playing. Football is a top-rated game amongst people of every age. Not only in the real world but in the virtual world too. There are a ton of soccer apps that you can choose from.

People go gaga over these football gaming apps and get addicted to them in no time. It is majorly because of the extraordinary graphics that are embedded in these apps. Most football gaming apps let you play on the field with your favorite players, and others make you the manager.

Top 10 Best Football Games for Android in 2023

Enlisted below are the most gripping, fantastic Football games for android: Check out the list, We are sure you will not miss out on playing any of the games.

1) Football Manager Mobile 2020

Football Manager Mobile 2019 download

It pretty much works like a football game series. You select a team and win games and wholly win championships. It is a paid app. But with all the graphics and features it has it can be a little pricey. It is licensed for some teams like South Korea and the USA including other big leagues. All in all, it gives you a fantastic fun experience without any freemium elements. The app is regularly updated as per the requirement, and the 2020 update gives you more features, players, and teams.

2) Score Hero

Score Hero download for android

Score Hero is a 3D gesture-based game. Score Hero is somewhat like a life story of a footballer. As in you play like a footballer who is trying to gain fame and become a football star. Each level you play decides what is next. You have to succeed to become a star and failures turn into your hardships. The graphics of this game are fantastic. There is approximately 600 levels. You can choose an online multi-player if you want human competition. Your data and success is stored in a cloud and synced, so you do not lose your progress to date.

3) Dream League Soccer 2019

Dream League Soccer 2019 download

Dream League Soccer 2019 is one of the most renowned game in the soccer world virtually. It is played in full action with full-blown team tournaments, championships, and awards. You can control the players and train them to win. For a freemium game is it pretty good at its job. You can collect coins by winning the matches and championships, and you can sign any player from the club market using these coins. This game also stores your daily progress on the cloud if enabled, so you do not have to start your game over again every time you switch off the phone.

4) FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer best android game for football

EA sports develop FIFA Soccer. It is abundantly rich in its features among all the games on the list. This game has 550 real-time players. This game gives you the option of creating your team and winning tournaments in real time. It has extraordinary graphics and immensely broad content. For a freemium, it is a dream app for gamers. You can play in the single-campaign mode then, when ready you can play on the field for themed events.

5) PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer gives fierce competition to FIFA in the virtual gaming world. It has some excellent graphics, useful content, decent mechanics, and unique gameplay. You can play either online or offline in any mode in which way you prefer. It is a more exciting game than FIFA, as suggested by many players. It is a freemium game. You can play with online and offline multi-players and even can join the battles online.

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6) Soccer Star 2019

Best Football Games for Android Soccer Star 2019

Soccer Star 2019 is a freemium soccer game. It is an average game to play. It is built for mobile majorly. This app has decent graphics and simple controls. As you progress, the game takes turns and starts getting a bit difficult. But all in all, it is better than many other football games and evident enough.

7) World Soccer League

World Soccer League is very similar to PES and FIFA in its gameplay. The game provides gamers with 60 clubs, 60 national teams, and 2000 team players and supports 15 languages. The graphics and mechanics are pretty good for this genre. You can play in 4 gaming modes that are Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training according to your choice.

No licensed players are present in this game. You can even share your scores and success with your beloved ones.

8) Real Football

Real Football

Real Football is an android game that comes up with a licensed team and players. There are a lot of gaming modes to enhance your skills and flaunt a few of your abilities. Customizing your team is permittable, and it has very considerable graphics, which is engaging. You can even upgrade the stadium here.

9) Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer is a similar football game for android. This app lets you build a team with footballers that you love and play the game then. There are different modes like the league or world cup where you can take part and win. The marketplace is open for you to buy and sell the players.

10) Final Kick 2019

Final kick 2019 is a simple game with appreciable graphics. It comprises of offline tournaments, online tournaments with multi-players, weekly matches, and easy-to-learn controls. Here, your motive is to score a lot of goals and win obviously. There are not a whole lot of features added to it, and that is its attractiveness. It is an excellent app for killing your few minutes. It is freemium, and because of it, people think this game lacks major graphics and other features.

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Final Words on Best Football games for Android

Football games in the virtual world have been accepted and are quite addictive to gamers. People find it attractive especially football fans. They can play on these apps for hours without getting tired. If an app has excellent graphics and a high concept, it becomes a win-win situation for them.

We hope you liked the article about the Best Football Games for Android. We will keep updating this list in the future so keep visiting our site don’t get serious and stay updated.

Therefore, these apps are a cherry on top for gamers who love playing football and are too lazy to go out and play.