From the cosmopolitan streets of Toronto to the mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies, this country is diverse. Most of the land of Canada is wholly covered with the wilderness. This utterly vast stretch of nature is something to get lost in, so it attracts so many visitors to this country. There is something for everyone in Canada. Mountaineering, trekking, hiking if you are a big fan of outdoor sports, or just spotting Grizzly Bear in Banff National Park if you want to savor nature. A foodie can indulge in Vancouver’s freshest wild salmon. If you want to visit Canada, we are here to help you plan your trip to Canada; here are the top ten best destinations to visit in Canada.

Best Destinations To Visit In Canada

1) Niagara Falls

Canada’s most famous and well-known destination that attracts tourists from all over the world is Niagara Falls in Ontario. It is the most iconic and best place to visit in Canada. You will have an unparalleled sightseeing experience and enjoy the view of the cascading falls, which will spellbind you. The best time to visit Niagara Falls would be June to August. The best way to reach Niagara Falls is by landing at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport and taking a cab. Niagara Falls is 30-40 minutes away from the airport. And then you can always play games at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort. You can also spend time at the MarineLand.

2) Vancouver

One of the largest cities in Canada is Vancouver. It is located in South-Western British Columbia and a favorite foodie hotspot, especially for seafood. But there is no scarcity of cuisines as the city is home to an array of cultures, which makes dining a fantastic experience. One of the main attractions of Vancouver is Stanley Park, which covers almost 1000 acres of lush green land. It features an aquarium, waterpark, and Seawall to name just a few of its attractions. Other tourist sites include Granville Island’s food market, Chinatown’s wide range of shops, dining places, and gardens. With ski slopes and beaches within easy reach, Vancouver is one of the happiest places to visit.

3) Banff National Park

Banff National Park is the oldest and one of Canada’s largest national parks, tucked away in the Canadian Rockies. Because of the sheer beauty, the vast size, and location, many tourists head to the park to experience the peacefulness and take in its turquoise-colored lakes, spectacular snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and mesmerizing landscapes. The appropriate time to visit Banff National Park is from June to August or December to March. The most popular things to check off your list here are Lake Louise and Bow Lake, or to go hiking or white water rafting.

4) Quebec City

If you want to relive moments from a charming European village, Quebec’s French heritage, architecture, and language will make it more believable. Situated on a small hill overlooking the St. Lawrence river on Vieux Quebec will make you nostalgic. Moreover, the old city offers historic encounters like Citadel or ancient sites like Place Royale. Quebec is a small city and many people believe the most pleasant time to visit is during the summer, but in the winter months, the famous winter carnival in the world takes place, Carnaval de Quebec. It is the city’s most well-known event and is a popular attraction for families.

5) Whistler

If you are someone who searches for adventure to spice up their life, then Whistler, which is known for being the home to the largest ski resort in North America, is perfect for your winter holidays. The easiest way to reach Whistler is by landing in Vancouver Internation Airport and taking a cab. You will get there in 2.5 hours and witness the sea to sky highway, the most scenic drive. If you are a thrill-seeker, you can enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, or other sports. The town is not only made for just adventurous sports but also a cultural spot for museums and other cultural centers.

6) Montreal

The only word that perfectly describes Montreal is multifaceted. This city is a melting pot of both the new and old worlds with 18th-century structures and a 21st-century skyline. The oldest part of the town consists of horse-drawn carriages, the spectacular buildings that perfectly capture the old world charm. The best time to visit Montreal is March-May or September-November. You can go around indulge in your wanderlust by exploring the underground city. If you feel hungry, you can always take the Old Montreal food tour. Just save your energy at the end of the day because Montreal, especially Rue St-Denis, is recognized for its bustling nightlife.

7) Whitehorse

Labeled as the ‘small city with a big backyard,’ Whitehorse presents you with an opportunity to perceive Canada’s life far north. Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon and also a gateway to beautiful places like Alaska. The city exists since prehistoric times, and you can explore Miles Canyon or head north to Yukon Wildlife Preserve to witness all kinds of animals. If you visit Whitehorse in winter, you may also get incredibly lucky to observe the northern lights.

8) Ottawa

There is no inappropriate time to visit Ottawa. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and was chosen as the country’s capital as it is located at the meeting point of three major rivers. Previously known as Bytown, Ottawa’s star attraction is Rideau Canal, which in winter becomes the world’s largest ice-skating rink. One of the many things to do while visiting Ottawa is to explore the Byward market. Although winter is a great time to visit the city, Ottawa is a place to can visit any time of the year with the Tulip Festival taking place in spring and the lavish Canada Day celebration taking place on July 1st.

9) Tofino

Despite its odd location on Vancouver Island, Tofino has been named the unofficial surfing capital of North America and has been drawing tourists and nature lovers, and a mixed crowd of visitors. People often visit here intending to hike in old-growth forests, enjoy beaches in Pacific Rim National Park, observe wildlife, kayak, or relax in oceanfront lodges.

10) Revelstoke

Although it is a popular destination among locals, it is still undiscovered on a broad global scale. If you plan to visit somewhere different and quiet from the rest of the crowd, Revelstoke is a place for you. One of the most suitable times to visit this place is in winter as you can practise heli-skiing in the Purcell Mountains. During summer, hiking and mountain biking is favorite sport amongst many. The beautiful snow-covered mountain amid British Columbia attracts much appeal to outdoor lovers.