Are you looking for Aptoide Alternatives? Well, Things in reality get older time-to-time and so do the applications on the phone become outdated and old-fashioned. It is the character of the nature to replace the older one with the new version and so true for mobile applications which no longer give benefit should be replaced by a new and better one.

In the digital era updating the apps and oneself is an imperative task. Switching to a new technology is the principle of technology, and updating oneself timely is a part of it. Like it is said by an anonymous author that, “Do not get obsolete like an old technology, keep innovating yourself”

The number of mobile users are increasingly day-by-day and so do the downloads takes place simultaneously on the phone as mobile apps perform quicker actions than website in a phone or in a tablet. In a mobile, applications plays a vital role in making a person modern and informative so it is better to choose correct applications for a mobile.

There are number of advantages of having a Mobile app, it engages the user in their free time, provides global exposer, more precise app for every particular things, either ios or android phone its own apps makes the smartphone more reliable, social media integration.

What is Aptoide?

aptoide alternatives

Developed and considered as one of the best mobile applications marketplace, using which you can easily download android applications on your device. There are more than 800,000 applications available on Aptoide.

As from a very long time, Play Store was being used still used in many phones however the more advance version has come in the market, i.e., APTOIDE- an alternative of play store in an android operating system only with great features such as-

  1. Contain collection of 800,000 applications.
  2. Can be downloaded in 40 languages.
  3. More apps than Play Store, so no need to download the apk file.
  4. Easily download the previous version of any app.
  5. No need of 3rd party application like Share-it/Xender/Superbeam etc.
  6. To share this app, no need of internet.
  7. Games app/ Health app/Food app/web tv etc can be easily download in 1 touch.
  8. Moreover, it gives precise information of the app/ Ratings.
  9. Easily show the updates.
  10. There is no need to sign up through email in order to download this app through Aptoide.
  11. No verification needed.
  12. Aptoide show which app is trusted i.e., malwares and virus free.

Nevertheless, more alternatives of APTOIDE is present in the internet offering more advanced features and latest apps than Aptoide itself. The following are the list of alternatives of APTOIDE application:


  • An application for android phones which enables users to download the apk file of any apps instantly.
  • Offers hassle free downloading.
  • Suitable for games apps also have other social networking apps too.
  • No malwares and virus in these apk files.
  • Can download from website

2) Black Mart Alpha

  • Application for android OS user in mobile phones or in tablets, where cracked paid apps can be downloaded for free.
  • For those who can’t pay the expensive premium apps and games.
  • Also free apps are not guaranteed so be cautious.
  • Downloaded from- website


  • Another app for android users, that offers latest softwares, cracks and Android apk apps.
  • As it has lots of file available for download so it is sometimes, difficult to find the right one.


  • Basically, an app to perform android application. Where apk file can be downloaded easily plus video games with heavy files can be work hassle free
  • Also used for electronic books to users to download
  • A place to find lot of apps

5) Mobile Market

  • A new app for android users, where one can access and download games and other apps effortlessly.
  • Having similar features like Aptoide.
  • Offer safe download.
  • Free, fast and reliable downloading

6) Android PIT

  • Again for android Operating system, provide own developed apps to android user.
  • Have features such as- news portal/solution or tips/hardware problems.
  • Ease in downloading the files and updates

7) Fossdroid

  • It is an android app that offers open source games and apps.
  • Have an extensive collection of applications like- Antenna pod/Apollo music.
  • player/Barcode scanner/VLC and even much more.
  • Any trending application can be view from the website-

8) AppBrain

  • A huge collection of applications in one app.
  • Only for android users.
  • Manages the app well, even allow the user to share the app downloaded from AppBrain.
  • Can downloaded from- website

9) GetJar

  • An app for ios and android users.
  • More than a billion app present in this small sized application.
  • Getjar deals with games apps, networking apps, themes and Apk files

10) SlideMe

  • An app for android user only.
  • Easy to find any application.
  • Provide both free and premium apps.
  • Can download from website

More applications are even present with the same features as it is in Aptoide, these apps are equally important and benefits the optimum use of a smartphone and have unique features, more applications are-

  • MoboRobo
  • MoboMarket
  • TUTU app
  • AppZuma
  • SlideMe
  • Uptodown
  • ApkUpdater


There are enormous applications available to users in the web of internet and even thousands of updates. It is confusing sometimes which application to choose for our use. The mere advice would be to research and find which application is suitable to work with, if it is based on games then app which support heavy gaming files should be used.

Also we have listed different ways on how to use Aptoide iOS on our website. Kindly check it out if you are iOS user.

You can use any of the Aptoide alternative as mentioned above. If you want you can explore all the 10 best Aptoide alternatives and enjoy the features of it. If you are an android lover then you must try these small things, with this you will also stay updated and you will get to know that what’s going on in the technology market.