Benefits Of Using Paper Bags


Paper bags look prettier than the normal plastic bags but more than making a style statement it has become a necessity to use paper bags instead of this plastic bags if we want to save our environment from air & water pollution, global warming and many other calamities.  Plastic bags are basically chocking our environment and is a non bio-degradable product and is damaging marine life and polluting the sea.

Benefits Of Using Paper Bags

Let us clear everyone’s doubt first, Paper Bags are not responsible for damaging or destructing the trees of rain forest. The wood which is used in making paper is grown as a “crop” and is fully managed and sustainable forests, where as rice and wheat are harvested annually. The trees which are used for making paper are harvested every 18 to 20 years, so to make it very clear that Sustainable forestry is both an environmentally friendly operation and a commercial necessity for the industry.

Benefits of using Paper bags over Jute / Plastic bags:

  • Global Environment favours paper bags and many countries have banned plastic bags or have imposed very heavy tax on them so the popularity of plastic bags is decreasing.
  • Paper is increasingly recognized by governments and consumers not only as natural but as recyclable  and renewable resource from which we can manufacture high level of packaging.
  • Paper bags are fashionable and quickly adapt to the constantly changing demand and needs, it can also be used for packing and is re-usable.
  • A attractive paper bag can help attract more people if a proper designed advertisment is placed on to it. let’s call it a walking advertisement in the Streets
  • Jute bags are quite expensive to use as compared to paper bags and are not considered trendy or fashionable any more.

The reason why i’hv written this post is because recently while surfing the internet i noticed a website called which is a e-commerce website but quite different from the normal shopping sites. Handmadehope doesn’t sell any fashion accessories or mobile phones, instead they sell products which are hand made and made of paper (i.e notebooks, paper bags and many more products).

Keep up the great work Team Handmadehope 🙂

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