The world’s first jet charter in which every passenger is a VIP means Very Important Pup! Yes, now you have a dedicated flight for your doggo, which is a luxurious one!

BARK Air is the first dog-centric airline launched by the dog toy company ‘BARK’ in association with a jet charter company. The first flight of this airline took off on May 23rd, from New York to Los Angeles. Bark Air is a luxury airline for dogs of all sizes traveling with their owners. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the size or breed of the dogs. Unlike in other airlines where dogs are an afterthought and are considered borderline burdens for fellow passengers, this airline treats them as a priority. They aim to provide these pups a ‘fear-free’ and comfortable travel experience.

BARK Air, a Luxurious New Airline Specifically for Dogs, Took Its First Flight

The airline company said it took a 10-year effort to design such a flight but now that it is in the air, it has all the functionalities to give a dog-first experience to the canine travelers. Every single detail of the airline is designed with that mindset and it even provides a ‘white paw service’ for treating their customers with earmuffs and beverages. Just like the business-class experience for humans, this luxe flight provides a first-class flying experience for your four-legged pet. The dogs can even interact and play with each other.

bark air

Surprisingly no kids are allowed on the flight! On each ticket purchased for their canine customers, the company offers one human companion to accompany the animal. But the companion shouldn’t be below 18 years of age. Each flight has a capacity of 15 dogs along with their human companion. It costs $6000 per ticket for a domestic flight and $8000 for international.

Such a pawfect idea for allowing the doggies to fly high in the sky with their hooman!