Parents of babies may have a hard time in deciding their baby’s outfit. Since babies don’t really have ways to express contempt for your choice of attire for them, it is easy for you to get them dressed however you please. There are a number of baby Halloween costumes to choose from. Babies are extremely workable and they can rock any outfit. You can really make your baby dress as a sushi, or a dragon, or even a rock star. There is no limit to baby Halloween costumes. They are cute, creative, super fun. Your baby will look amazing in the pictures.

Halloween is barely a few days ahead but do not panic if you haven’t picked out your little munchkin’s outfit yet. Baby Halloween costumes are quick and easy to decide or design. Of course, if creativity forsakes you, then you can always settle for the usual baby Halloween costume, which comprises of superhero costumes. Superhero costumes never go out of style. Babies dressed up to protect the world even when they cannot look after themselves is hilarious yet cute.

For the more adventurous parents, who try out new and innovative baby Halloween costumes, your search ends right here! We have shortlisted the funkiest costumes to make your baby stand out this Halloween!

Here are Top 10 Baby Halloween Costumes To Try Out At Halloween Party-

Jack O Lantern Outfit

Image source: Pottery Barn Kids

Jack O Lanterns are an important aspect of Halloween. It’s not Halloween unless you don’t carve pumpkins. Eyes are sure to turn when you take your baby out for trick or treating in this adorable Jack O Lantern outfit. The carved pumpkin outfit is one of the most classic baby Halloween costumes. You can dress your baby up in green flacks, green full sleeved t-shirt and an orange fluffy shirt over it. If the t-shirt doesn’t have a Jack O Lantern face on it then you can just draw it with a sharpie. an orange headpiece would just act as icing on the cake.

Little Red Riding Hood Outfit

Image source: Halloween Costumes

Are you a fan of classic children stories? If yes, then dress your baby girl as Little Red Riding Hood for this Halloween Party. The Little Red Riding Hood Outfit is one of the best baby Halloween costumes for little girls. It is cute, it is classy, and it is innocent. The mother of the child can dress up as the old grandmother and the father of the baby can dress up as the big bad wolf. You’d need a white and red pinafore or a gingham dress. Add a hooded cape in red color to transform your baby girl into Little Red Riding Hood.

Mahatma Gandhi Outfit

Image source: YouTube

Does your baby have little or no hair on their head? If the answer is yes then dressing your baby as the great freedom fighter would be great. also, if you are on a tight budget or you don’t want to spend money on buying an outfit that your baby will outgrow in a few months, then this is one of the most suitable baby Halloween costumes for you. Just wrap your child in a shawl and put oval-rimmed glasses on them.

Harry Potter Outfit

Image source: Pinterest

Are you a fan of fantasy world and magic? Babies dressed up as Harry Potters are the cutest things ever. The parents can dress as Lily and James Potter. The muggle world is boring so just revamp it by dressing your baby as the boy who lived. Paint a zigzag scar on the baby’s forehead. Add a black robe, a maroon and yellow striped muffler, a wand, and the popular glasses of Harry Potter. This baby outfit is best for bookers and Potterhead parents.

Buccaneer Pirate Baby Costume

Image source:

Pirates are badass and dangerous. The baby Buccaneer Pirate outfit is not only adorable but it is also unique. Dress your child in a ruffled old fashioned shirt, a belt with buckle, matching leggings and shoes. Team it up with a trimmed red coat.  Wrap a scarf around your baby’s head to make the baby look like an ultimate pirate. You can even add an eye patch if your baby is comfortable in it.

Baby Albert Einstein Outfit

Image source: Parenting Healthy Style

Dressing your baby as the Nobel Prize winner is apt because babies are known to have messy hair and they often stick their tongues out and look goofy. If your baby has long unruly hair which cannot be tamed, then you won’t even have to buy a wig. This outfit is best for science nerds who want to dress up their baby in a genius outfit. If you want to show off how smart your little baby is, then dress them up as Albert Einstein.

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Little Monkey Outfit

Image source: Pinterest

Animal dresses are one of the most popular baby Halloween costumes. They are forever in trend and never go out of fashion. You’d need to buy a brown full-length body suit (with a tail) made of furry material. Add a headpiece with attached ears. In addition, put on paw shaped booties on your baby’s feet. The baby will look amazing in this outfit and the parent can dress as a zookeeper. Lastly, your baby will stay nice and warm in this fuzzy monkey costume.

Crazy Old Lady Baby Costume

Image source: Pinterest

Do you want to dress your baby in a funny and quirky outfit? If yes, then dressing your baby as a crazy old lady would do wonders. The old saying goes that there is not much of a difference between babies and old people. This costume justifies exactly that. Dress up your baby in old people clothes and make them wear oversized glasses. Top it with a white wig and maybe accessorize with a scarf and necklaces of beads. They can use their walker as a prop too. You have your own crazy old lady baby!

Baby Gnome Costume

Image source: Pinterest

Lawn gnomes are a common fixture in all gardens. What is common between babies and gnomes is that they are both tiny! Put on a robe-like clothing on your child and pair it up with a pointy red hat. For the final touch, get them to wear a fake long and white beard. You can even have the baby sit in the garden and nobody would notice the difference!

Baby Oompa Loompa Costume

Image source:

Oompa Loompas come from the magical world of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. They are as mischevious as any baby would be, thus, it would only make sense to dress your child as one. For an Oompa Loompa baby Halloween costume, firstly, purchase a green wig for their head. Throw on a red shirt and white dungarees on them. Put on the green wig and make a ponytail. Finally, complete their look by handing them a huge bar of delicious chocolate!

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