Remote work has gained popularity, especially after the global pandemic that shook the world in 2022. The world is slowly recovering, but the need for remote working is still a wise idea, especially among freelancers. However, one of the problematic issues is choosing the right equipment when working from home. Triple portable monitors have flooded today’s market, but are they reliable for remote operations? I have dived deeper into this topic to help you understand whether you can use triple portable monitors to work remotely.

Using Triple Portable Monitors for Remote Work

The good news is that it is possible to use these devices for remote working purposes and enjoy the many benefits of doing so. Many remote workers have understood the advantages of triple portable monitors in their line of duty, increasing their usage. You can follow suit, too, by getting the best monitors for your specific needs. However, although you work remotely, you must also be prepared in four ways when using these gadgets. These preparations include;

  • Having a reliable internet connection
  • Creating enough space on your desk for the monitors
  • A reliable power supply, which may also include an excellent power backup plan
  • Enough installation expertise

Why Do You Need Triple Portable Monitors for Your Remote Working?

Now that you know these monitors can be resourceful, you can consider to see our collection to get the best product that suits your needs. You should understand why many remote workers have embraced using these gadgets. We shall expound this subject further in this section by explaining the top reason you should get triple portable monitors for your remote working needs;

Your Screen is too Small

Small laptop and smartphone screens have become a bother among many workers in the contemporary world. Many users have complained that tiny screens limit their work, minimizing productivity. Smartphones have become an incredible option, especially among those who use these devices to multitask, play, entertainment, and travel. Scaling up your laptop or smartphone by giving them a more extensive display will change your game. Portable monitors allow you to project mobile apps and computer programs in a broader platform without buying other devices.

Working While Traveling

Most remote workers adopt a nomad lifestyle, meaning they work while traveling. Portable monitors offer a traditional computer experience instead of making you feel like you’re working from the phone. Moreover, triple portable monitor manufacturers have lightweight products. Therefore, you have less to worry about regarding increasing your luggage weight when working while traveling.

However, it is important to be cautious if you are connecting to public Wi-Fi while working. This is due to the possibility of cyberattacks. In this case, you will need to use a secure VPN to protect your online safety.

Limited Desk Space

We have mentioned above that enough desk space is one of the requirements when getting triple portable monitors. Nonetheless, these devices can also be the best solution for a little working room in your remote office. You can set up these monitors in a different location, making it easier to switch work in your home office while enjoying the same setup as much as possible.

High Flexibility for Remote Working

The flexibility you can enjoy by using triple portable monitors is incomparable. As a remote worker, this flexibility is what you should always aim at. Portable monitors allow you to work from anywhere. For instance, you can continue with your project from the comfort of your lawn while enjoying the fresh air and avoiding being cooked up inside the house.

An Energy-Efficient Solution

Traditional monitors consume high power, making it the reason many people hesitate and are skeptical about upgrading. Fortunately, triple portable monitor manufacturers have embraced energy efficiency in their products, significantly contributing to a better global environment. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about adding to your energy expenses in your remote working.

How to Purchase Triple Portable Monitors for Remote Use

Check the Price

There’s no fixed price for these devices. You should compare prices and costs to find a product within your budget.

The Brand

The number of portable monitor brands has increased, but not all have the product you are looking for. Consider purchasing from a well-known and reputable brand. You can find one by getting referrals from your colleagues and reading online reviews.


The triple portable monitors you buy must be compatible with the device you connect them to, such as your phone or laptop. This information is readily available in most manufacturers’ product manuals.

The demand for triple portable monitors has increased, especially among office-based and remote workers. Working remotely has several benefits, including flexibility, freedom to set working hours, and enjoying your lifestyle to the fullest. Get yourself a triple portable monitor to make your remote working easier, more manageable, and more enjoyable.