Although the internet is full of trolls in recent years, 2016 showed that beautiful things could happen online as well. All thanks to the growing use of social media as a legitimate platform for identity politics. The rise of depression and anxiety memes and the community that grew up around them was uplifting.

Mental health literacy has become the norm. People from all areas of life, including cisgender males like Zayn Malik and Ryan Reynolds, suddenly feel safe enough to talk about their traumatic experiences with addiction, anxiety, and anorexia.

Social media users have posted open and relatable stories about their mental illnesses to mainstream social media platforms. Empowering hashtags such as #GrowingUpWithAnxiety and #HighFiveForAnxiety have emerged, providing a sense of solidarity and togetherness. Anxiety memes can take a massive load out of your mind.  Anxiety frequently precedes depression and vice versa in some circumstances. When you’re nervous, you’re worried about prospective difficulties and start “bothering,” making you feel worse. Depression can result due to all these problems and much more.

50+ Anxiety Memes Are a Real Stress Buster (Don’t Miss It)

It’s perfectly normal to have anxiety from time to time. Getting a new job or embarking on a first date might be nerve-wracking. You might be hesitant to commit to a three-month food delivery service. Or how about that forthcoming social media post you just made?

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While anxiety isn’t a funny topic—and anyone suffering from it or feeling like it’s interfering with their lives should seek professional help—the internet has provided us with plenty of folks who have found humor in theirs.

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So, whether you’re searching for a laugh or want to know you’re not alone, there are plenty of relevant anxiety memes that will make us crack a burst of laughter. Why are amusing anxiety memes so beneficial to people who suffer from anxiety? Many of us who live with anxiety daily, especially social anxiety, have difficulty interacting with others.

The significant unifying factor is humor. We naturally develop a common bond when we laugh together. Spirit can bring people together who might otherwise be strangers. As a result, we utilize it to make light of life and get through difficult times.