A 99-year-old Indian-origin woman has now officially become an American citizen and is being celebrated worldwide on social media.

Daibai was born in 1925 in India and is currently living with her daughter in Orlando, US. On May 24th, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the news of the nonagenarian taking the Oath of Allegiance at their Orlando office. The USCIS shared a post on ‘X’ (former Twitter) capturing the touching moment of Daibai posing with the citizenship certificate in a wheelchair.

Age is Just a Number: 99 YO Indian-Origin Woman Becomes US Citizen

The ‘American Dream’ of a million individuals worldwide has become a reality for Daibai becoming the global symbol of opportunity and hope for them. The lively lady seemed really happy about the announcement of her American citizenship as her picture got clicked with her daughter and the USCIS officer who swore her in.

As the news of the event was shared on social media, it received mixed reactions from the audience. While some celebrated the citizenship dream of the 90-year-old, some even expressed their concerns regarding the challenges faced by immigrants to obtain green cards and US citizenship. People took to the comment section to express their emotions and opinions regarding the system. Some were “Happy for Daibai” whereas some requested the USCIS to make the process smoother and faster especially for working immigrants.

With the news becoming viral on social media, some Indian users were seen questioning the naturalisation process asking why it took so long for the US to do it. Some even mentioned their grief by commenting “Most Indians in employment-based green card backlog would look like this by the time they get their green cards”. This shows the daunting reality of the endless wait time experienced by hopeful Indian immigrants to receive their green cards or PR cards.