This year is getting tough for the entire World and India. Even Bollywood is highly affected by the pandemic and odd news coming ever now and then. From the beginning of the year, we’re losing many well-known stars. However, this time it’s under the effect of COVID19.

Coronavirus attacks on Bachchan Family

After Amitabh and Abhishek, Aishwarya and Aaradhya Bachchan Tests Positive for COVID19

Last night, after Amit and Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya and Aaradhya Bachchan also tests positive for Coronavirus. This is shocking news for the entire Bollywood! Amitabh Bachchan informed his fans about his COVID Positive status on Twitter,

Within a span of an hour, Abhishek Bachchan announced on Twitter about him being Corona Positive.

Entire Bollywood was in shock after both Senior and Junior Bachchan tests positive. Both of them are receiving treatment at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai. Amitabh Bachchan was facing breathing issues and a low oxygen level. However, the positive news in the morning was that due to mild symptoms they are quickly recovering.

It is noteworthy that Amitabh Bachchan’s residence ‘Jalsa’ and ‘Prateeksha’ were getting sanitized today in the earlier part of the day. Both these bungalows are located in the Ward K of Mumbai which is one of the worst-hit areas of Corona in Mumbai.

While the Jaya Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Aaradhya Bachchan were waiting for their COVID19 tests results. Rajesh Tope, Health Minister of Maharashtra announced on Twitter,

Smt. Aishwarya Rai Bacchan & Daughter Aaradhya Abhishek Bacchan have also been detected positive for Covid19. Smt. Jaya Bachhan Ji is tested negative for COVID19. We wish the Bacchan Family to get well soon with a speedy recovery.

Aaradhya prepared a sketch dedicating to Corona Warriors in May. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared it on Twitter.

There is a downpour of prayers across the globe for the entire Bachchan Family.

Apart from Bachchan Family, the Kher family is also struck badly with Corona Virus. Anupam Kher’s Mother, Brother, Brother’s Wife, and their daughter have tested positive for COVID19.

We pray for all of them and wish them a speedy recovery!