A quite plenty of presents are received during a wedding, however the most special of them all is the one that a husband gifts his wife or another way. People mostly present cars, furniture, or anything different and important for the other half.

But it would be hilarious to think of a donkey being given as a present to a bride on the wedding day, and that to by her groom? The surprising part is that it was not something out of the blue but something purchased after much consideration, here’s what the donkey implies to the couple. In a not long ago change of events, a husband from Pakistan gave a present to his wife a donkey. It may look weird, however, there exists a special reason behind it.

A Groom In Pakistan Gives His Bride A Donkey As A Gift

In a post, uploaded on Instagram by Pakistani YouTuber Azlan Shah, you can witness him taking a donkey inside a wedding place and presenting it to his wife, Warisha, together with friends and family. The reason behind this was quite well implied and heart-melting. He reveals that her to-be wife has a soft corner for donkeys, as they are extremely hard-working and loving animals. He added that he too likes donkeys.

The two of them confess that they are very attached to the donkey, they have even given him a name, Bhola. The video, which is uploaded by the wedding photographer goes on like this, “This Wedding Gift from Azlan to Warisha is hilarious and the cutest – The best part is they both plan to adopt the baby donkey! Azlan & Warisha, finally concluded – Certainly the most energetic couple ever!”

The two of them even did went for a photo shoot with Bhola at the marriage. The couple said that they did not want to take away the baby donkey, Bhola, from his mother and so brought her too. It was undoubtedly a quiet living and breathing unique wedding gift ever.