Over the years, advanced technology has brought some fantastic features, and one of them is independent currencies. Ethereum is a globally popular blockchain, among others. Indeed, the famous blockchain lines up as the second most sought-after, following Bitcoin.

The blockchain allows users to trade with Ethereum, a currency depicted by ETH. The blockchain also supports rapid exchange with other cryptos. With the massive benefits of ETH, you may be wondering how to join millions of people who are already getting this currency for free. Yes, for free!

Getting Ethereum for free may sound impossible, but this guide will explain it step by step. Interestingly, you won’t be spending your hard-earned money to make this happen.

Four steps to get Ethereum for free

Before diving into the guide, you must understand what Ethereum faucets stand for. It is a reward system designed to help people earn passive income by completing small tasks, like clicking on a link or solving a captcha. Now that you have an understanding of what Ethereum faucets are follow these four easy steps:

1) Do research, or you will be scammed

When you are a beginner in investing, you must research the topic you are focused on. For this example, it is Ethereum faucets. You are searching for trustworthy websites that provide free ETH. Luckily enough, you don’t have to waste time doing it. Instead, you can click here and get fast insight into the best 5 Ethereum Faucets written with each website’s features.

2) Sign in

When you pick out your favorite Ethereum faucets website, you will be required to submit some personal details, such as a valid email address. Alternatively, if a website provides an option, you can register using your Google account to save time.

3) Start earning coins

Upon successfully registering your account, you will earn ETH by executing and completing some tasks. However, you will not make it if you fail to meet these tasks or do them halfway. These tasks include participating in surveys, viewing videos, and other related tasks. You can also earn Ethereum from certain games installation.

You can also earn coins by referring your friends and loved ones. Their earnings will bring you commissions. While there are several ways to earn ETH on this platform, you should choose the most suitable method.

4) Start getting free Ethereum

Once you continue to participate in surveys and other activities to earn coins, you can start getting free ETH. However, you cannot redeem your Ethereum until you have earned enough. Once you meet the requirements, you can go ahead to claim it.

Surprisingly, you will receive the credit immediately. Apart from earning Ethereum, you can also participate in other rewarding and exciting activities.

What to do with Ethereum?

You could do many things since it is an independent currency. For example, with ETH, you could settle bills and execute global transfers in the daytime or nighttime. An added advantage of this independent currency over others is that it does not restrict developers from participating.


One significant fact is that money isn’t grown on trees, but through advanced technology, you can mine cash electronically, even from the corners of your home. Indeed, you may not have enough resources or capital to hire a miner or may have no skills in it. However, the good news is that you have unlimited choices regarding earning Ethereum.

The above methods are all you need to start earning Ethereum for free. Choose a way that suits your needs, although each technique demands specific actions. You can purchase some Ethereum on different exchanges; however, it will require some capital.

The year is fresh, so why not take a step now to join millions of other people to earn Ethereum for free? So sign up and start earning now!