Ratlam, earlier known as Ratnapuri is the famous city of Madhya Pradesh. Well known for many beautiful reasons. It is one of the important junctions of Central India. The city is known for its Gold, Food Items, Beauty and many more things. Go through our article and find out 9 Reasons Why Living in Ratlam is Awesome.

1. Ratlami Sev

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As soon as we here the name of Ratlam, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Ratlami Sev. Who doesn’t loves this extra spicy and crunchy sev!

2. Ratlami Saree

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The city is quite famous for the saree with the spider work!

3. Food of Ratlam

Ratlam Food

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The Malwa culture is clearly depicted in the food of the city. Here you can get many mouth sizzling food items.

4. Historic Significance of Ratlam


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Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan gift the province to Ratan Singh Rathore for his bravery to save the life of the Emperor from an Elephant.

5. People of Ratlam

Ratlam People

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People of the city are the sweetest you will meet. They are very much interactive and have one or another story about the city to recite.

6. Town Planning of Ratlam

Ratlam Town

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It is one of the most beautifully planned city. Cleanliness and Hygiene have been equally maintained.

7. Religious Places

Ratlam Temple

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The city is also home for many Temples as well as Historical Monuments. And the best part is all the places are kept clean. You would surely love to visit them.

8. Railway Station

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The Railway Station of the city is the cleanest and one of the important junctions between Delhi and Mumbai. Station also have many food items which you can try while your train takes a halt.

9. Beautiful City

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Who doesn’t loves the streets of the city as seen from Train? Wouldn’t you crave to be there? It is one of the most beautiful cities of India.