All’s well when you have dined well! Our city Baroda has over the past years steamed and packed flavours which can ably satisfy all kinds of taste buds. We here do not intend to list or critique the restaurants of the city cause well that will be one hell of a job covering every nook and corner and then there is always the personal opinion of the citizens and the visitors but we recommend you here the few best from the caboodle.

1) Zaafaroon – Your answer to veritable South Indian viands !

 9 Must Visit Restaurants in Baroda

A humble place down a small alley on Old Padra Road run by Mr. Dev is a place that offers a wide variety of prime and choicest delicacies picked up from the southern states of India and manages successfully to deliver bona fide taste. The restaurant credits the authentic taste to the minute details of selection of spices and coconuts imported specially from Kerala and their endeavour in keeping the freshness of the food intact. You wouldn’t find a fancy ambience here but the “Parippu Vada”, “the “Mysore Masala Dosa”, “Sarvapindi” and the authentic taste of the chutneys (god bless their coconut chutney!) along with the captivating little stories that Mr. Dev has to share is just going to leave you no option but to get addicted to this place.

2) Salsa Habanero – El rey de la comida Mexicana

Salsa Habanero - El rey de la comida Mexicana

“It’s all about the sauce” according to Mr. Prakash Patel who runs this “hole in the wall” Mexican restaurant which is bit of a work to locate but then merecer la pena! Hail salsa habanero for the authentic mix of the Mexican sauces which they tactfully prepare from the scratch! They will wrap you some of the best burritos you will ever taste in the city. Their menu presents some eminent Mexican dishes and the ambience in this little taqueria is bound to set your mood for an ambrosial Mexican weekend!

It is open only on Saturdays and Sundays from 6.00pm to 9.00pm and they recommend you to make sure you give them a call before dropping in so that they can present you with some quality fresh food and you needn’t even wait.

3) Kai Asia- Kon’nichiwa Japanese cuisine lovers !

must visit restaurants in vadodara

A fragment of the Taj Gateway Hotel, Kai Asia is ideal if you are looking for a sushi night out or trying your hand over a new Thai dish and is bound to serve you the best Pan Asian varieties in your platter. The ambience is styled exquisitely to match the cuisines offered in the menu. For an elite dining experience, Kai Asia will be the right choice for you. Look out for the live counter serving Japanese teppanyaki and sushi rolls which we are sure you’ll find absolutely delightful !

4) Peshawari- Robust Flavour of North-West Frontier

Peshawari- Robust Flavour of North-West Frontier

“Peshawari” serves you the bucolic setup of dining in the north western frontier, appealing you with the robust flavours n tastefully prepared delicacies in clay tandoor. As expected from an ITC by-product, you will be administered with top drawer services and quality along with luxuriant choices of kebabs, naans and beverages to devour. The prominent dishes like “Sikandri raan” and “Dal Bhukhara will satiate your inner epicure.

5) Gazebo- A spread of imagination

9 Must Visit Restaurants in Baroda

The exclusive garden restaurant located in the premises of Kabir Banquets and Conventions, is an enthralling spread of multi cuisines amidst the mise en scène of peregrine foliage. It serves a buffet along with two live counters ideal for an intimate or corporate table d’hôte. Join the “Gazebo” for a memorable scenic dining experience.

6) Mandap – Halo re Halo !!!

Mandap express hotel – Halo re Halo

Claiming the trophy of the “Best Gujarati Restaurant” from the Times Food Award, Mandap has never failed in collaging the finest platter of Gujarati delicacies along with a vibrant ambience and attentive services. Loosen up you pants as the cosy rustic ambient coaxes you into devouring the irresistible “Matka Rabdi” “Patras” and the “Khandvis” at a very “easy on the pocket book” price !!

7) That Place

that place vadodara

Unleash the gourmand in you at “That Place” with the best of Continental, Mediterranean and Pan Asian cuisines! A moderate yet comfortable ambience along with snap quick services you will get to experiment with varieties which aren’t easily available in other restaurants of the city. “Portuguese Chicken”, “ Amritsari Fish”, “Jamaican Jerk Chicken” are a big hit among the meat lovers. Their weekend breakfast menu consists of some ineffable varieties of bacon, eggs, salads, pancakes and much more. “That Place” was started by three friends one of them also being the chef, who shared the common love for food and decided to offer the city with some quality international food.

8) Little Italy – Mamma mia! È fantastico !

Little Italy vadodara – Mamma mia! È fantastico

Step in to devour pre-eminent Italian dishes at the Little Italy ristorante and discover the vibrant flavours garnished with the minutest details of the Italian gourmet which is bound to win your heart. Set around a rich superlative ambience we recommend you to not miss out the popular choices like Lasagne alla napoletana, Risotto 4 formaggi or Bruschetta al Pomodoro. It is will be a first rate overture for a beautiful evening, a pacific mood and some Italian romance.

9) Mirch Masala – Balle Balle !!

Mirch Masala vadodara – Balle Balle!!

Originally Ahmedabad’s first theme restaurant in 1992, Mirch Masala branched out to Baroda and has since then created a buzz in the city too. Be it the “makki di roti” and “sarso da saag” or the “daal makhani” pick any item from the menu and they will present you with a taste that will keep lingering in your mouth. The desi Bollywood ambience around you will quiet work out as a zesty change for an uplifting meal. Don’t miss out on the “jalebis” for dessert!

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