Modern pipes come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes, and they’re constantly being updated with cutting-edge technologies to improve the smoking experience.

The steamroller pipe is currently among the most sought-after novelty pipes available. Smokers can expect nothing but the best from their time with a steamroller pipe since they are crafted with a small, high-performance design.

If you’re interested in learning more about steamroller pipes and why you should buy one, take a look below.

Basics of Steamroller Pipes

Pipes from a steamroller are elegant and come in a cylinder shape, manufactured of glass. A steamroller pipe is a long, thin tube used to cool the smoke from a lit herb as it goes to the mouthpiece. So, It’s easy to install and use steamroller pipes.

You can use them by setting your hand on the carb on the pipe’s end, lighting the dry herb within the bowl, and then drawing smoke until the chamber is full.

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Why Should You Go for a Steamroller Pipe?

Regardless of your smoking habits or the type of pipe you prefer, you can enjoy several advantages by switching to a steamroller pipe. Several of the following factors contribute to their rising popularity:

  1. Increased Hits: Users wishing to upgrade from water bongs to something with a more substantial hit use steamroller pipes. It may take novice pipe smokers some time to adjust to these pipes, but they’re easy enough to use that anyone can pick one up and start puffing away.
  2. Simple to Clean: Plumbing systems are notoriously difficult to maintain and disinfect. To clean them thoroughly, you’ll need to go into some rather tight spaces. However, cleaning a steamroller pipe is surprisingly simple. The tar can have two large holes on either end to facilitate cleaning. Therefore, you can clean the pipe by flushing it with water and scrubbing it briefly.
  3. The Best Cooling: In addition to their many other advantages, steamroller pipes are particularly well suited to cooling smoke. While the chamber of steamroller pipes isn’t as long as some different types, it’s still long enough to let the smoke cool down before it’s inhaled. This safeguards against the risk of fire from too-hot smoke.
  4. Simple to Use: The ease with which steamroller pipes are constructed is one of their outstanding qualities. You won’t need to take with you any extra supplies like water or cigarettes. Instead, a lighter and some high-quality weed is all that is required.
  5. Personalization of Functions and Settings: As an additional perk, steamroller pipes can be modified in various ways to suit the smoker’s individual preferences. There are a wide variety of accessories for tobacco pipes, including glass feet that prevent them from sliding around when laying flat and unique mouthpieces made to improve the smoking experience.
  6. You’ll Decrease Your Weed Use: When using a bong or pipe, smoke might be lost if the bowl is not cleaned correctly. It’s not a tremendous deal, but in the long run, you throw away extra cannabis. Using a steamroller lets you make the most of your stash.
  7. One-Of-A-Kind Design Choices: Even though most steamroller pipes have a simple, uniform design, there are many novelty possibilities available in a wide variety of interesting forms, hues, and patterns. Smokers who desire an eye-catching conversation piece can’t go wrong with a cactus-shaped pipe or another artistically designed piece. Plus, you can pick a glass, wood, spiral, silicone, or helix steamroller.
  8. No Need for Giant Size for Steamrollers: Steamrollers are really small, so they easily fit in your hand while still performing the same as a regular. This piece is an excellent alternative to a small spoon pipe because it allows you to take smaller hits while still enjoying the same effects.

This Is How You Can Use a Steamroller Pipe

Easy to use and conceal, steam rollers are a fantastic smoking tool. Follow these steps to prepare your pipe:

  1. Tighten the lid and fill the bowl;
  2. Use your hand to bury the carburetor;
  3. Turn on the flame and take a deep drag;
  4. Pull the smoke through the pipe until it reaches the desired height;
  5. Remove the obstruction from the carburetor and take a deep breath.

What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Steamroller’s Pipe

Cleaning a steam roller pipe entails the same procedures as cleaning other types of glassware. One can utilize commercial cleaners or resort to the tried-and-true combination of salt and isopropyl alcohol.

Your steam roller pipe, salt, and rubbing alcohol may all be stored in a simple ziplock bag. You can soak or shake it if there is a lot of resin accumulation. Then, wash it with hot water and use a cotton swab to get into any crevices.

In What Ways Are Steamroller Pipes Useful?

The goal of the steamroller pipe is to provide instant and intense euphoria. Like bongs, steamroller pipes serve their purpose, but they are more robust and can be easily transported.

Plus, you can use these discreetly before heading out or whenever you need a short high without drawing attention to yourself.

In addition, steamroller pipes, like bongs, are social and fun to use in a group. Because the smoke is contained within the tube while not in use, you can share a single hit with several people.

Wrapping Things Up

It takes an experienced smoker to enjoy a steamroller since each hit is so potent. Yet the rapid ascent to intoxication that steamroller pipes provide is one of their many advantages.

The carburetor in a steamroller pipe is situated to allow smoke to travel directly from the bowl to the user’s lungs, a feature that’s much desired among smokers with high tolerance.

Remember that the hits from a steamroller can be rather powerful, so make sure you and your smoking companion are both comfortable with heavy inhalation before lighting up.