A portfolio website is one of the most powerful ways to show off your skills, let potential employers know about your background, and increase your personal brand’s online presence. When beginning to build your business and develop your brand, we highly recommend taking on the initiative to create a portfolio site.

Here are the top eight benefits of having your own portfolio website.

Stand Out from Others

A portfolio site will give you an online presence that is easy for potential employers to access. Your web portfolio will showcase your best work and prove your expertise in various areas. Compared to others without one, you will definitely stand out.

In other words, when companies are looking for someone with your skill set, you’ll be at an advantage because they can easily find you. Additionally, having a professional website shows confidence and forethought. These are two qualities that impress hiring managers almost every time.

Showcase Your Abilities

A portfolio website showcases all of your skills, accomplishments, and professional experience to potential employers in an easy-to-digest format. You’ll be able to show off your credentials and previous work instead of having to hunt down old business cards from previous jobs.

And if you’re working on improving specific skills for future jobs, a portfolio site is even more helpful. It helps you Keep track of projects you’ve worked on for different employers or while on internships. This way, when someone asks about your recent work history, you will have several options readily available.

Network with Others

Networking is about making connections and finding mentors. As it turns out, potential employers and clients often connect online as well. So, hosting your work online creates an additional opportunity for others to see what you do.

Use your site as an opportunity to get involved with groups that can benefit from what you do. You can also share what you know on social media and ask for advice when necessary.

Promote Yourself and Services

When people visit your site, they’ll have easy access to all of your work. This allows them to learn more about you and gain more trust in your abilities.

In addition, by providing concrete examples of your previous work, such as photographs and graphics you’ve created, you’ll be able to show potential clients what they can expect from working with you.

If anything, at its core, a portfolio site is a free publicity. You don’t need many resources to get started. You can use free tools like Wix to create an impressive site easily.

Showcase Your Outstanding Achievements

Why not put your best foot forward and show off your past accomplishments when applying for a job? If you have achieved something remarkable or advanced in your career through hard work and dedication, include it on your portfolio website.

Highlight everything that sets you apart from other applicants. Be sure to write down all of these achievements on paper so they can be easily referenced when building out your portfolio website.

Create a Diverse Income Stream

A portfolio website is one of many income streams that keep you from depending on one source. When you rely on only one source for your income, it can never be too late before you are rendered jobless. You definitely don’t want to hear or think about this, but it’s the sad truth. Anyway, when you have a diverse set of income streams, you can weather any economic storm that comes your way.

Offers a Strong Supplement to Your Verbal Skills

A portfolio website is an invaluable supplement to your verbal skills. This can be especially helpful if you are applying for jobs in fields that involve intensive client interaction or communication.

Although your portfolio site will never completely convey how capable you are, it can give employers a better understanding of your abilities and what you are best in.

After reviewing your portfolio, clients interested in hiring you will rush to schedule an interview with you.  It is during this interview that they will observe your verbal skills. Afterward, they will most likely offer one or more job positions, initiating negotiations.

Proves Consistency

Having a portfolio website is like having a resume for designers. It shows potential clients your dedication to doing quality work by tracking everything you’ve done in one spot.

When someone looks at your portfolio website, they can see all of your best work in one place. Because it’s organized in an easily accessible way, you can prove that you’re consistently improving over time and have more to offer.


A portfolio website is an essential marketing tool for any business. If you’re running a freelance operation, it’s an even more critical asset to have in your portfolio. It allows you to create and publish content about your services and display examples of past work without relying on third-party platforms. Even still, it gives potential clients an overview of your brand while demonstrating what makes you unique.