Scrabble is a game that’s loved by many. It is a fun competition based on the participants’ nerdy knowledge of words. Due to the game’s popularity, there are lots of cool gifts available in the market. Therefore, if you’re stumped on what to get your Scrabble-loving friend for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas, check out our list of the most amazing gifts.

8 Amazing Gift Ideas for a Scrabble Enthusiast

8 Amazing Gift Ideas for a Scrabble Enthusiast

1) Scrabble Tile Mug

A Scrabble coffee mug is a great gift idea for anyone who is obsessed with the game. Whether it’s your friend, workmate or your kid’s teacher, they will definitely love the mug. The mug features the Scrabble board and tiles printed on the outside. You can pair it with coffee, hot cocoa, or tea to make a lovely gift bag.

2) The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

This is a must-have for all Scrabble players. Every game of Scrabble requires a dictionary in case a dispute arises over a player’s words. While it’s easier to check words on your phone, it’s more fun to use the OSPD. In addition, this leather-bound dictionary would surely look great on a bookshelf or a coffee table. I recommend you get the latest version.

3) Unscramblex

While most gifts will cost you money, this won’t, and it could be the one your friend appreciates the most. Unscramblex is the world’s best word unscrambler and will help them win scrabble games as well as improve their word knowledge.

4) Scrabble Flash

Scrabble Flash is a new, electronic version of the game. It comes with five SmartLink letter tiles, and the game’s objective is to create as many legit words as you can using the five electronic blocks. You put them side by side to form different words which the SmartLink technology recognizes and records their score.

5) Scrabble Puzzle Books

A Scrabble puzzle book is a great gift, and any Scrabble enthusiast would appreciate it. There are tons of such books out there, and you can easily find one for your friend, kid, or relative. The book can help them improve their gameplay and is a great way to pass time.

6) Super Scrabble

Super Scrabble is an extended version of Scrabble, and every Scrabble enthusiast wants to play it. It’s twice the size of the regular Scrabble and twice as fun. It gives you an opportunity to explore a new challenge once you’ve become a pro.

7) Scrabble Deluxe

Surprise your friend with this classic game of Scrabble with advanced features so that they can enjoy their favorite game in style. The Deluxe edition has a wheeled board that turns, so no one has to read the board upside down. The grid is also non-slip, keeping the tiles in place all the time. It also comes with a pencil and a hardcover foil-stamped scorebook where you can record your scores.

8) Large Scrabble Tiles

This is a really unique gift, and a Scrabble die-hard will find it amazing. The 6” tall wooden tiles make a creative and fun decoration for an office or home. You can display them on a tile rack or hang them on the wall.

9) Word Unscrambling tools and vocabulary building tools.

Scrabble can be frustrating when you can’t find a way to win or when you feel like you don’t have the vocabulary to be competitive. Tools like Unscrambled Words can help you come up with the right words when you need them. For example, you can search for 5-letter words that end with M. Not only will this give you words that you can use in your scrabble game, but over time, it will also improve your vocabulary making you smarter and a better Scrabble player.