Searching for Unique Startups in India? You have come to the perfect place, A StartUp will become a brand only if it connects well with the customers either emotionally or intellectually. There are startup’s with amazing and unique ideas that will take care of your Roti, Kapda and Makan. If you have to go for a party then Jabong or Myntra will be the best option to shop, In the same way if you are looking for a new house or a property then or is the best place to find a House. and if you are hungry then you can order food from Foodpanda mobile app. All your needs are just one click away.

Today we have a list of Unique Startups in India which are very interesting and will solve most of your problems.

7 Unique Startups In India

1) Best mobile suggestion portal in India SuggestMyChoice

7 Unique Startups In India

When we think of purchasing a Smartphone, the first thing we do is to ask friends & family for suggestions because we trust their opinion. Today the Smartphone industry has grown so much that it has become a really difficult task for an individual to suggest a phone without doing a thorough study in the field. This is where Suggestmychoice comes into the picture, with a database of 5000+ Smartphones and its deep research on Smartphone performance promises you to offer best suggestions based on your individual requirements. Its Algorithm is capable of deciding on what “Question” to ask a particular user and thus makes the process really simple for the user and also time-saving. So if you don’t want to make a wrong purchase you should visit and enjoy its benefits. Click her to visit SuggestMyChoice


2) Handmade Hope is one of the most unique startups in india

7 Unique Startups In India

Recently while surfing the internet i noticed a website called which is an e-commerce website but quite different from the normal shopping sites. Handmadehope doesn’t sell any fashion accessories or mobile phones, instead, they sell products which are hand made and made of paper (i.e notebooks, paper bags, and many more products). They accept bulk orders and you can receive your order at any corner of India.  Check out Handmade Hope website


3) Turn garbage bin into free WIFI is one of the most unique startups in India

thinkscream garbage wifi

Everyone out here is so addicted to the internet that they cannot live without wifi and keep your surrounding clean while using the free internet is a great idea. Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal got this amazing idea of creating a garbage bin which lets users access wifi for free. You might be wondering how does this WIFI work? when someone puts on garbage in the bin a code is generated automatically which is the password for the wifi. ain’t it amazing. they have much more such cool products. go check out their website for more info.

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4) Renting clothes for party’s or functions 

the dress bank

What if you wanted to go for a party and didn’t have a proper dress to wear or you didn’t wanted to spend hell lot of money for just one dress or you have bought a dress which has been used only once ? wait we have a solution for that. Bangalore based The Dress bank lets you borrow and lend garments for casual wear or a branded party outfit at a very nominal price which everyone can afford.


5) Getting Prasad online 


Imagine if your dada or dadi could take the blessings of holy temples and places online? That is exactly what is doing, You can get pure, fresh and pious prasad from around 100 temples of India delivered at your doorstep. all you have to do is just place an order online.


6) Buying and selling your accessories and clothes


Looking to sell off your old clothes and accessories so you can refill your wardrobe with your new clothing collection? elanic makes it easy for you. all you have to so is put ur for clothes for sale on the elanic android app and you can easily get prospective buyers, the best thing about elanic is that they will come and pick up the product from your home and deliver it. click here to download mobile app


7) smoking accessories online


Buying Toking, Rolling and vaping accessories is now just a click away. If you are a chain smoker or you are a die hard smoker fan then you must visit indiabongs. It has a crazy collection of smoking papers, bong, pipes, vaporizers, pipes, hukkas and many more trippy party stuff.