Switzerland is a dream destination for many couples. While Zurich is one of the most beautiful towns of Switzerland. The present article on, 7 Things to do in Zurich is about the things which are famous in Zurich. And the things possible only in this city. Go through the list and know about each of them. We are damn sure that these things will surely give you a pleasure of the lifetime.

Top Best Things to do in Zurich

Here are the list that we would suggest to you. These are the things that you must not miss whenever you are in Zurich.

1. Taking Photograph of the Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas

Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas Things to do in Zurich

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Isn’t that an awesome feeling to walk below 50 Umbrellas. Even their photographs will give plenty of memories. The Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas is an extremely popular tourist destination of Zurich.

2. Wandering the streets of Old Town

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The old town is a perfect resemblance of any place. Walking down the streets of Old Zurich will take you through the history of glorious memories. You would love to do it.

3. Drinking Water from a Fountain

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You don’t need to get a water bottle in Zurich. There are over 1200 Water Fountains in the town which continuously delivers pure drinkable water. All you need to have is a water bottle for filling up that’s it.

4. Relaxing in a Thermal Spa

Source: Thermalbad and Spa Zurich

Spa always gives ultimate relaxation. Zurich is having many famous Thermal Spa where you can spend a quality time and relax your nerves. Spending a couple of hours is among the prime things to do in Zurich.

5. Visiting the Glass Biodomes at the Botanical Gardens

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Especially for the nature lovers, Glass Biodomes at the Botanical Gardens is a must visit place. There are over 9000 species in the garden. And you will have a quality time resting on the grass having a sunbath.

6. Watching an Opera

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Opera is a specialty of Europe. Visiting Zurich and listening to Opera is among the must do things when you are in Zurich.

7. A Boat Ride in the Limmat River

Source: My Switzerland

And having a boat ride in the Limmat river with your loved one. Who wouldn’t love doing it?

Cover Image Source : myswitzerland.com