After stepping out of the most amazing and chilled out journey of our life called college, We find ourself in the so called hot soup environment called Professional life and moving from a super fun college life to doing a desk job is not a easy task. You no more get to hang out and party with your friends and now for you weekends is only everything, Life becomes tough and challenging. Today we have 7 Things I Learnt At My First Job That College Didn’t Teach Me.

1) Your academic qualification does not correlate with your job

what excuse me what

What ? Like seriously, Did i just waste my parent’s hard earned money ?  You might be thinking that what ever you studied at college was a total waste but trust us you are wrong, College life gives you the most awesome experience which no job or business can give you, you will realise it on a later stage during your promotion that how much important your Masters degree is.

2) Never be overconfident that you know everything 

overconfident gif

A lot of us reject campus placement job just because you are not offered a handsome package, but trust us money is not important in the initial stage, all you got to do is learn and gain experience, Money is obviously going to follow on a later stage.

3) Getting hired is just the beginning 

you are hired

Getting a job is not important, every person in this wold gets a job but the most important thing is how fast you learn and adapt to the environment their. All you got to do is keep pushing hard and their will be no hurdles.

4) Time is money

time is money

That time has gone when you used to bunk around with friends and watch movies first day first show, you need to be at your work place during office hours or else be ready to get fired.

5) Their is a big difference between a Professor and your Boss

angry boss in office

In college if you don’t submit your assignment then you might get a second chance, but dude if you don’t complete your work on time in office then trust me, you are dead.

6) Don’t let your work impact others around you.

team work

Team work give quick and positive results, so always be careful about what your work because slight negligence can put you and your colleagues in deep trouble. It’s better if you understand this sooner.

7) Enjoy your work and soon you will see good progress

dont work half heartedly

Do your job dil se, The day you work half heartedly you will get 50% success only.