We can find Gujarati’s all over the world and trust us all the Gujarati’s or Gujju’s as you all call us are fun loving and chilled out people and you will never forget the time you have spent with them as they will make you laugh and smile all the time. A lot of people talk rubbish about us without knowing the truth and so today we have 7 Stereotypes About Gujaratis That We Need To Break Free From

1) Gujarati’s don’t play Garba all the time

gujaratis don't do garba all the time

Yes we all are very fond of Garba but that doesn’t mean we can dance only on Garba songs. We love listening to Bollywood songs and yes we also like songs make by famous punjabi rappers Honey Singh & Badshah.

2) All Gujarati’s are not business man

all gujarati are not business men

The biggest myth of these world is Gujarati = Businessman. Just imagine Himesh Reshammiya owning a grocery store and Alia Bhatt owning a designer wear shop.

3) Patel is not the only surname Gujarati’s have

patel is not the only gujarati surname

We know there are a lot of Patel’s in India as well as abroad but that doesn’t mean all gujarati’s are Patels. Don’t forget that our PM Narendra Modi is a proud Gujarati . Other common and famous Gujarati surname include Shah, Bhatt, Joshi.

4) People think Gujarati’s don’t drink

gujaratis drink like a fish

Guys you are totally wrong because we all drink like a fish and love whisky, beer and every alcohol related products. It looks like people have not heard about Daman and Diu. You will find thousands of gujarati there partying and chilling with friends.

5) All Gujarati’s want to get green card and settle down in USA

all gujarati want to go to usa

A lot of Gujarati’s have settled down in USA doesn’t mean we all want to go there. We love India as much as you do and there is a better life in India itself if you work hard and live peacefully.

6) Fafda thepla and jalebi is not the only food we eat

Fafda thepla and jalebi is not the only food gujarati eat

Yes we have fafda thepla and jalebi but occasionally. You will usually find this food during festival and shaadi or some other functions. Let us make very clear that we love eating Non Veg … Do you guys want to hear anything more ?

7) We don’t call every girl as ben

gujarati dont call every girl ben

Ben in gujarati means Sister, do you think we would like to make all the girls our sister. Hell no!