Every group of friends usually has a Sindhi mate and we often judge them with our stereotype thinking which makes them rude to you. So let’s know 7 things which you should never say to a Sindhi.

#1: Kitna Kanjoos Hai- This is most common stereotype thinking about a sindhi. Sindhi’s are always termed to be as Kanjoos, but dude NO! We spend where it is required, where it gives value for money spent, we don’t believe in show off. So dare call us Kanjoos.

#2: Tu toh Papa ka Business Sambhalega- Being a sindhi male, one usually tends to hear this that your life is sorted, you will handle your Dad’s business only, so what’s the point of higher education. Oh C’mon Bro! I know we are business minded, but that does not means we will only work in our shop. This irritates to deepest.

#3: Teri Shaadi toh jaldi ho jayegi- Coming to girls.. just after completing your school college, everyone thinks bas iski shaadi ho jayegi ab toh. But Hey! You are absolutely wrong. Sindhi girls love to stay with their parents for long so dare you think they’ll get married early.

#4: Your surname has ‘ani’, you Sindhi? – Agreed most of surname with ‘ani’ like Lakhmani (Probably mine xP), Gulwani, Panjwani, Chandani etc are sindhi but don’t derive a equation through this. Ambani also has ‘ani’ but he is a gujju. Imagine girls favorite ‘Joey Tribbiani’ as Sindhi. xD

#5: Tu oh Sindhi hai.. Bohot pesa hoga- Why do everyone see a Dollar image in our eyes? We are just like you with normal income and normal expenditures. So don’t make us high for your expensive treat. xD

#6: Sindhi aur Punjabi ek hi toh hai- I agree our language is something similar but dude no. These two are totally different. We don’t have even a single common trait but yes Sindhi’s usually make good friends with Punjabi.. So hadippaa!

#7: Saanp paal lo par Sindhi nahi- Traditional saying of never be friends with a sindhi, he will help you initially and then kill you only. Damn! This has ruined soo much to our life. Noo it’s not like that. We are always good to people who are good to us. See even Joey is soo friendly. Hahaha

Thus, just remember these 7 statements before saying anything to a sindhi. He might be dangerous for you if you speak this to them. Be safe. xD

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