If you are a women and want to go on a vacation with friends then look no further, dontgetserious has a list of places that are exciting, fun to visit and most importantly safe. All this places have high personal safety, low crime rate, low incidence of rape and most important have well connected public transport systems.

1) Costa Rica

5 Safest Cities For Solo Women Travelers costa rica safest city for women traveller

The rainforests and the sand beaches are the perfect scenery destination for a solo women traveller. Whether you are looking for a yoga retreat in Nosara or a surf safari down the Nicoya Peninsula, there is something interesting for a solo female traveller.

2) Scandinavia

5 Safest Cities For Solo Women Travelers

The countries of Norway, Denmark and Sweden commonly referred as Scandinavia have beautiful sights and amazing architectures. Forget about disney land, Denmark and Norway has been ranked top #1 and #2 happiest destination in the world .

3) New zealand

newzealand safest city to travel for women

New zealand is one of the most beautiful country in the world and if you are on a solo trip then Adventure awaits for you at the fiords, beaches and glaciers of new zealand. This country has most beautiful landscapes in the world.

4) Amsterdam

amasterdam safest city to travel in world

Want to feel the super chilled out vibe then Amsterdam is the best place in the world to hang out and chill on your own. You will be more than happy to explore the night life and unique culture of this city. you can hire a bike and then rome around the city and chill with friendly dutch people.

5) Ireland

ireland safest place for women traveller

Ireland does not have greatest weather but Emerald Isle is a place of beer and happiness. You can catch a football game, Cozy up in a local pub or explore the countryside for an incredible Irish experience.

6) Canada

7) Perth, Australia