Nawab-e-awadh Lucknow is not only famous for its food but also Girls. They may not spread hotness on streets like Mumbaikars or Delhites but they create a spot in your heart easily. Let’s check out 7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl From LUCKNOW
#1: Tehzeeb: Tehzeeb and adaakaari are in the blood of a Lucknow girl. The way of talking will make you realize how mannered they are. Using ‘Hum’ for both Singular as well as Plural; Using ‘aap’ for both elders and juniors is how they are bought up.

#2: Good Taste Bud: Being brought up in the city of awadh delicacies, A Lucknow girl has a better taste bud than other girls. She has a taste for all modern flavors to traditional dishes. This makes her the best in cooking as well, and the best-known example is renowned chef Mrs. Pankaj Bhadouria, winner of Master Chef India. So you will never die hungry.

#3: Economic: She knows how to shop best clothes and accessories in Aminabad and Lovelane at cheap prices. Also, she won’t always ask you to take her to a high-end café, in spite she will love to eat street side Chaat and Golgappa. So you will be saving hell lot of your money dude. Happiness with savings.

#4: Impressing your Mom: She can be the first one to drool your mom by gifting ‘Chikan Suits’. The traditional embroidery is famous all over the globe, even great designers die for that. Your mom will definitely praise you for your choice.

#5- She’ll never abuse your Family: Credits to Lucknowi culture, she is always taught to respect everyone. The language and tone will be very humble even if actually when if she is actually angry.

“Janaab aap aisi Gustakhiya na kiya kare ki humein apke waalid ke samne apko zaleel karna pad jaye.”

#6- T for Tehzeeb and T for Tafri: With another fun face, she can be best for local hangouts. May be Ganjing or  Marine Drive, she can make any place a happening date.

#7- A perfect blend of Traditional and Modern- She’ll be perfectly carrying a suit/saree in family functions as well as one piece in clubs, which makes her adaptable to both cultures.



I hope you get sorted If you are already dating a Lucknow girl, If you still aren’t dating, Don’t miss a chance If you ever get to date her. xD