Kolkata formerly known as Calcutta is the capital city of West Bengal with a population of 4 million people; Kolkata is India’s second-biggest city. This is a city that you feel than just take a visit. This city is known for it’s art, culture and revolutionary heritage. If you live or have lived in this citythen you will be proud to be a part of Kolkata City. Today we have 5 Reasons Why Living In Kolkata Is Awesome.

  1. The Howrah Bridge

When it comes to Kolkata, Howrah bridge is a place to visit. It is the largest and the only one in India. It is a cantilever bridge that spans over the Hoogly river in West bengal. The bridges carries traffic of 100,000 vehicles daily and more than 100,000 pedestrians. It is the busiest cantilever bridge in the world and so is the Howrah station.

2. The Culture

The City has a strong sense of community. They always bring sweets with them when they visit guests. People of Kolkata have a special sense of appreciation to art and therefore they welcome creativity and talents much more that other cities of India.

3. The Food

Rice and Fish is the staple and it is the birthplace of Roshogullas. No one can resists sweets that Bengalis make. More than 40 types of fresh water fish include in daily meals. A place called Regent, Chowringhee Palace serves delicious kabiraji cutlet you should try and Kewpies at Elgin Lane is a good place to eat at.

4. Famous people from Kolkata

Kolkata has given number of Poets, philosophers, historeans, scientist, nobel laureates, artists, business tycoons and freedom fighters to name in here. Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa, Lakshmi Mittal, C V Raman, Subhas Chandra Bose and many more are famous people associated with Kolkata.

5. Knowledge Seekers

Kolkata has a book stall on every street. People in Kolkata are book lovers. College Street is the place where you will find even the rarest of rare books.

6. Trams

Kolkata is one of the few cities in India that has trams

7. People

People of this city wear pride to be part of the city. They are intellectual people and love their culture and love to show it off! They are great cooks and you can be assured you will have a good time when you’re with them. Every celebration for them is grand.

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