The two most popular mobile operating system that are dominating todays world are iOS and Android. iPhone lovers and Android users are often found arguing with each other about how their phone is better and has latest features with low price. Both Android and iOS have there advantages over each other. We have used both the phones so we know the actual difference but today we are going to show you the common things Android users say to iPhone users.

1) Charging problem in iPhone

charging problem in iphone

iPhone users cannot charge there phone with any charger, they need apple charger only but Android users can charge with different charger as chargers of Samsung, LG, HTC and other brands are same.

2) People buy iPhone to show off

people buy iphone for show off

haha this is the most common thing said by Android users that people buy iPhone to show off and half eaten apple. lol this is crazy

3) iPhone don’t have personalized ringtones

iphone dont have personalized ringtone

We Android users can put our favourite songs as ringtone buy you iPhone users have that very common tring tring ringtone.

4) No Big screen in iPhone

no big screen in iphone

How can you iPhone users like screen of just 4 inches ? and now 5.5 inch screen has been launched in iPhone 6s, lol but we are using this big screen since many years.

5) Used features

iphone has features which android introduced long back

iPhone has features which we Android users used almost 3 years back.

6) iPhone users have to Pay for games and apps

iPhone users have to Pay for games and apps

Hahah we get all the games and apps for free on Google Play Store and you people have to pay for the same apps and games . you iPhone users are out of your mind

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7) Android is the future

7 Bitter Truths That Android Users Say To IPhone Users

Android has so many updates and features and Google is behind us, Android is free and open source.

So many talks but still if you don’t have an iPhone you don’t have an iPhone