7 Best Tips to Improve Your Desktop Wallpaper 


Wallpapers can be a source of inspiration in the morning or any time of the day. When you look at the nature images displayed on your screen, they remind you of the bigger picture nature provides. 

desktop wallpaper

Your wallpaper is not limited to nature, but you can choose images inspired by your work, hobby, desktop icons, technology, people, and many more. You can download wallpapers from websites, operating systems or create one from your collection of photos and graphic designs. 

Dynamic wallpaper 

Dynamic wallpaper is very attractive and displays a high level of creativity. They vary with device and screen size. As per its name, the wallpaper is always in motion depending on the motion of your device.

Usually, dynamic wallpaper consists of several images put together to create a moving wallpaper. An expert takes the photos from a single place at different times of the day, which produces spectacular wallpaper. 

Use calendar wallpapers

Calendar wallpaper is simple but it can give your desktop a new exciting look. There are different calendar display options you can choose from. You may opt to display the calendar from one corner of your desktop at an angle. 

There are editable calendar wallpapers you can choose and set your week to begin on any day of the week. You can set the calendar to display monthly, weekly, or daily. You may also choose and add a photo from your gallery. 

Use apps to get the best wallpapers

There are several apps available online and some contain hundreds of photos you can use as desktop wallpaper. Most of the apps provide free access to photos and others charge a monthly or annual fee. Some of the apps include Unsplash, which uploads ten new photos after every ten days. 

Another one is stock up, which has hundreds of free images. The apps get images from other websites and some may have watermarks meaning you need to buy or get permission to use them. Other apps include InterfaceLIFT and Stock Up. 

Get wallpapers from your operating system 

Every operating system has some classic wallpapers. If you are on android, you can access your system photos from the background picture library. Once you open the library, right-click on the picture and select Set as background. 

You can access screensavers from your desktop pane on your Mac. You will have a choice of more than 20 classic photos to choose from. Your Android or Apple smartphone also has a selection of several beautiful background photos you can use. 

Create your personal images and shuffle them

You are not limited to apps, OS, or other online websites. You can create your library of photos and use them interchangeably as wallpapers. Get a quality camera or use a good phone. As you visit places in the wild, cities, homes, highways and attend events, take stunning photos, and save them on your device. 

You can add graphics to your photo to make them more attractive. You may choose to use more than one photo and strategically arrange them on your desktop. If you take a collection of about 20 beautiful photos, you can start a slide show and time it to display a photo after every 5 or 10 minutes.  

Clean up your desktop

Most people love working and saving their files on the desktop. The more we create new documents and folders, the more our desktops become populated with tens or even hundreds of documents. 

Your desktop will look very unattractive if it contains 70 scattered documents and several folders. Before you even think about getting a beautiful wallpaper, clean up your desktop. 

You can create folders according to the type of documents and store them there, then create one folder for all the other folders. Once your desktop is clean, start gathering beautiful images to make it more attractive. 

Use inspiring wallpapers

Inspiring wallpapers carry a message that can be quickly read by anyone seated near or passing by your device. The messages can be quotes from respected members of the society, quotes from the holy books, striking colors, or patterns. 

You can create or download an abstract pattern of an insect or leaf and fill it on your desktop. Calming colors like blue, green, pink, and grey will make your desktop look very beautiful.

Use great quotes from leaders, quotes of wisdom, love, hope, friendship, and so on. If you combine a quote with a calming color or an abstract pattern, it will give your desktop a whole new look. 


Desktop wallpaper may look simple, but it can create higher confidence in you and help improve your image. When you have a clean desktop and attractive wallpaper, other people will brand you as organized and sharp in your work. Little things are what sell us more and desktop wallpaper is one of them. We should therefore make every effort to ensure our desktops are clean and neat.

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