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Vadodara is a city in Gujarat. People say Vadodara is a fun place and they love going around the city a lot. The Internet gives you information and shows you pictures of places you can go to when you visit a city and the images are pretty good. But do you really get the fun you were looking for when you visit the place? Of course, if you’ve lived in a city since your childhood, then you definitely love the place, but what about the people visiting the city, looking for a good time? Do they love the place as you do?

 1) The Deadly TrafficImage source

It’s not about too much traffic. It’s more too much traffic and people driving like crazy. Almost trying to kill you. If you even dared to cross a road when the lights just turned green; there will be at least 3 biker or rickshaw walas that will race towards you so that you get killed. Talking about Rickshaw walas, they are simply a nuisance. They don’t see people driving around them and are only on the lookout for passengers and they will take a sudden turn.

2) The Deadly SummerImage Source

The heat in summer in Vadodara is unbearable. It’s almost like hell. Sometimes it’s told to people not to go out between 12 pm to 5 pm because you may become sick. The temperature goes up to 52 degrees Celsius!

3) No ClubsImage Source

So if you’re traveling to cities of India and one-day land in Vadodara and you want to go out clubbing, you will not find any. Vadodara is not a city where there are clubs and parties every Thursday or Friday. There are private parties going on at farmhouses. Or if there are any seasonal parties going on around the city, you will need to find it out through helpful people.

4) Tourist PlacesSource

There are various tourist sites in the city like the Laksmi Villas Palace, The EME temple, Sayaji Baug, Sursagar Lake; you will find a whole list of places to visit on the internet. But did you really want to see a garden full of people jogging and lovers sitting in corners? Or do you really want to look at the crowd and noise near Sursagar Lake? You must have planned more than that, didn’t do?

 5) What Gifts would you take home?Source

What gifts would you take home for your family and friends to show the specialty of Vadodara? It’s not like you get small Laksmi Villas Palace’s like showpieces like the Taj Mahal. You will find handicraft items and fabrics and that’s common in most cities.

6) Hanging out is walking around at mallsSource

All you can do if you want to enjoy is to walk around at malls and click selfies and post them on Facebook. I mean, there’s no exciting place to have a good time at. No pubs, no clubs, no games. There’s GoKarting at Sindroth and it’s not a lot of fun. Also, the adventurous people can go to Pavagadh where you can trek a little and just sit and chill.

Note:- This is a humorous article, These are all our views and it may differ from person to person. We don’t tend to hurt anyone’s sentiment so kindly don’t get serious :p

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