Movies often teach us a good lesson. Recently released legendary movie Bahubali 2 is creating milestones on the Box Office. But besides these Box Office Collection, the character Bahubali teaches us many lessons. Go through our article to learn and adopt these lessons in your life.

1. Be a Savior Rather than a Winner

“Ek Raja ka Dharma sirf Shatru ko maarna nahi hota, Praja ko bachana bhi hota hai.”

Be a Protector


In the crave to be a winner, we sometimes hurt our loved ones. We must give equal importance to people around us in order to win their hearts.

2. Respect Women

“Aurat pe hath dalne wale ki ungliyan nahi katte, katte hai uska gala.”

Respect Women

Source: India Today

Whether it is Bahubali 2 or Mahabharata, the kingdom where a Woman is disrespected has never remained firm. Thus, we must always Respect Women. They always shower us with love and the best kind of advice.

3. Motivating Your Companions

“Samay Har Kaayar ko Shurvir banne ka Mouka deta hai, Vah Kshan Yahi hai.”

Motivate Your Companions

Source: Flapshap

Criticism never works. We always used to love the teacher who motivated us. In the same way, we also must motivate our friends and colleagues. In this way, we too can earn respect in their eyes.

4. Actions Speak Better than Words

“Apne hatho ko hathiyar bana lo, apni sanson ko andhi mein badal do, hamara rakt hi hamari mahasena hai”

Actions Speak Better than Words

Source: India TV

People often taunt you and criticize you when things go wrong. But, instead of wasting your energy while giving excuses. We must work extensively and make things happen. Let your Work speak for you.

5. Money isn’t Everything

“Aise uphaaron ke liye aap jaise log punch hilate honge, mere liye yeh per ki dhool bhi nahi”

Money isnt Everything

Source: Satyavijayi

Sometimes while prioritizing for Money, we end up getting the worst. If Devsena would’ve chosen the gifts from Sivagami, she would’ve ended up with Bhallaldev. In the same way, we must give priority to our Happiness rather than Money.

6. Go for Respect, Not for Position

“Singhasan ke liye aapka vachan tod du to aapki parvarish ka apmaan hoga Maa”

Go for Respect Not for Position

Source: Filmy Magic

The Position isn’t Supreme! A person gets respect on the basis of his character, his nature and not on the basis of his position. So we must try to get respect in eyes of others.