5 Tips for the Ultimate Gaming Setup


Not all gamers spend their free time invested in one particular game. Many are also fans of Twitch streams and will just as gladly put their game on hold to catch a live stream from one of their favorite personalities. Along the way, many have seen enviable setups.

DrDisRespect has a notoriously high production value attached to his streams, while Shroud and Ninja aren’t far behind. Viewers can see some of the most advanced and cutting-edge gaming peripherals available through their channels. They’re also bound to see more than a few creative setups from fellow gamers.

Tips for the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Though exposed to plenty of inspiration, most who game from their home will have limited options when it comes to building their ultimate setup. Some gaming arrangements might also serve as a desk during certain hours, but the best setups are entertainment specific.

Aside from video streaming and playing video games, setups can be used to try the latest advances in gaming. An advanced VR console like the PSVR is at the cutting edge of entertainment, while a classic online casino continually updates its games as well as welcome deals. Whether looking to play Minecraft or online slots, gamers will need to build a comfortable setup for long stretches of play.

Still, most of the emphasis is put on gaming peripherals rather than the physical arrangement of the space. When it comes to creating a sustainable setup, it pays to consider all aspects of elevated gaming.

The Basics

Most setups focus on PC gamers, but console fans will also need to consider a few basics related to ergonomics. Ergonomics relates to efficiency in the workplace, particularly related to posture and health. For gamers, this revolves around a chair and monitor.

Both should be optimized for eye level. Stools prevent slouching, while raised monitors prevent too much neck contortion. A thoughtfully designed keyboard is also valuable for PC gamers in order to prevent wrist pain. As mentioned above, don’t go overboard with peripherals—think smart, instead.

Blue Light Glasses

Those who work (and game) in front of a screen all day are exposed to high levels of blue light. Blue light waves are harder for the eye to process, which has been linked to issues such as blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eyes, and cataracts. Blue light can also affect sleep patterns, especially for those pulling all-nighters to get their first win.

Those working in front of screens all day have opted to wear blue light glasses to minimize the effects. Gamers who spend long stretches in front of a screen can protect their eyes by purchasing blue light glasses, which block blue light waves.


Monitors are the obvious choice for PC gamers, as well as console gamers using a TV screen. However, projectors are becoming more popular for gamers who want to save space and increase their screen size.

Keep in mind that not all gamers are sold on the idea of using a projector. They’ve been linked to lag, distortion, and pixilation. Additionally, gamers will need to purchase an external speaker for a projector-friendly setup.

Mindful Design

The greatest gaming setups don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Though top Twitch and YouTube streamers have entire rooms (or offices) dedicated to their live streams, most at-home setups will need to blend in.

The easiest way to make sure a gaming setup doesn’t take over a room is to keep it clean and arrange the space mindfully. Cable clips are great for organizing wires. Headphone hangers will keep desk space free, as well as wall-mounted shelves for speakers. Other additions like cup holders will go a long way in preventing spills.

Opt for Wireless

Gamers should always keep a lookout for products that minimize cables. Though some Bluetooth items will be price-prohibitive, there’s an increasing demand for wireless solutions. These will go a long way in keeping a gaming setup functional and tidy with minimal effort. This is especially true for items like controllers, headsets, and keyboards.

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