Gujarati people in general are sweet tongued. They will always have sweet and nice things to say. A Gujarati girl is like a superwoman. She has almost all qualities a guy looks for in a girl. They posses many traits from being rather too sweet to becoming a Jhasi-ki-Rani!

  1. There’re Beautiful

Gujarati Girls have simplicity and that’s their real beauty. They have that “Good Girl” look! Any guy will fall in love with these simplistic looks of a girl. These girls can go days without wearing any kind of makeup and still look flawless!

    2. Garba is Passion

Garba is like every Gujarati Girl’s passion. It’s like if you don’t like garba or can’t do garba then you can’t be called a Gujarati! Although it can become violent if you don’t know how to do garba and you just stand between them dancers like a fool. You should watch out for those fast and strong hand movements in the Garba. There cannot be one Gujarati Girl who does not love dancing! Gujarati Girls love the Bollywood dance moves and will learn all of the steps before the music video is released.


    3. Money Savers

Unlike others, if you’re dating a Gujarati Girl you will save on a lot of cash. If you’re out with her and she wants you to buy her a present; don’t worry about it because she will bargain with the seller so well and get you a good deal on her present! It’s like a talent all Gujarati Girls posses. But don’t let her do this everywhere or you might get into trouble! 😛

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   4. She can be your Hero

These girls are simple and sweet. But that does not mean they are some really fragile beings. They can be as fearless and outspoken as a man. She is the strongest and stands up like a wrestler if someone tries to hurt her family or friends.

   5. Everything Else


Gujarati Girls are all-rounders. They are sweet as well as sexy. They are not just saree wearers but also wear the most fashionable clothes and look gorgeous in them. They are homemakers and also believe in being independent and also work. They balance everything in life so that everyone around is happy and they themselves are happy.