Diamonds are the standard and never fail to wow as engagement ring stones. One cannot mistake the undeniable symbolism of a diamond engagement ring. It represents an undying commitment to your partner. A diamond, one of the most beautiful and intriguing stones in the world, represents loyalty, perseverance, and trust in a romantic relationship.

But what if your partner has her heart set on anything other than a solitaire diamond? What if a single diamond isn’t enough to capture the essence of her soul and individuality on her engagement ring? How about the possibility that she simply likes to wear jewelry with a riot of different colored stones?

Even though diamonds can vary in color, you can add even more variety to her diamond engagement ring by setting it with colored stones. There’s a wide variety of precious and semi-precious stones available in every hue of the rainbow. The growing popularity of gemstones is evident from the way the market is expanding.

In this article, we’ll go through the top five choices for your future wife’s engagement ring. Here are the top 5 gemstones for engagement rings:


Although sapphires are most often associated with the color blue, they may also be found in a wide range of other hues, including peach, pink, yellow, green, and even white. Like diamonds, this tough stone (a 9 on the Mohs scale) represents unending love. When coupled with diamonds, the combination’s brilliance and power represent the steadfastness of a couple’s devotion to one another.

Sapphires are believed to enhance health and vigor and shield their wearers from bad energy and spiritual strife. Since it is the September birthstone, an engagement ring set with a sapphire is a lovely way to commemorate a September wedding or honor a special someone’s birthday.


This stunning purple gemstone is a kind of quartz and works wonderfully in jewelry. On the Mohs scale, amethysts are a 7, making them extremely hardy. Diamonds and amethyst stones provide a striking contrast, making them a stunning alternative for the woman who wants to stand out.

This gemstone is available in a wide range of purple tones, from light lilac to rich violet, and it complements a variety of cuts. People born in February or those planning a wedding for the month will find the amethyst to be the ideal wedding or engagement ring stone.

Wearing the stone is believed to make an individual more creative as a result of fewer mental distractions. It’s ideal for avoiding arguments. Its soothing effects are supposed to extend to everybody who comes in touch with it.

Blue Diamond

Although a colorless diamond is ideal for an engagement ring, many women prefer one with a tint for more visual intrigue and appeal. Each sparkling facet of a blue diamond engagement ring can be seen as a representation of the wearer’s undying love and devotion to their partner.

Unique blue diamonds in engagement rings are expertly cut and polished to bring out their natural brilliance. You and your significant other will always cherish a blue diamond ring.


The green color of an emerald may range from light to dark and can include yellow or blue undertones. The most desirable color of this stone is a deep and bright green, which looks amazing when paired with diamonds.

The luxury of an emerald is a perfect complement to a woman with refined tastes, and it is often regarded as one of the most sumptuous precious stones. Over time, the emerald has become a standard to measure other green gemstones.

As an ancient Roman sacrifice to the goddess of love, Venus, this diamond has long been associated with those virtues. Emeralds are revered for their mystical qualities, which some think include enhanced memory and wit. To top it all off, it serves as a magnet for good vibes, which is a wonderful gift to give your future wife.


Have you asked yourself if your fiancée believes in true love? Then maybe a garnet will make her fall in love with you. Diamonds’ brilliant clarity goes wonderfully with the rich red color of this gemstone. If you’re searching for a less expensive red stone to combine with a diamond setting on an engagement ring, the garnet is an excellent alternative to rubies.

For women born in January or whose weddings are scheduled for the beginning of the year, the garnet takes on extra significance. Wearing a garnet is thought to bestow the wearer with strength and self-assurance since this gemstone is also associated with bravery and optimism. It’s a bonus because it fosters love and closeness between people.

You may make an engagement ring that is one-of-a-kind for your special someone by including a few colored precious stones besides a clear diamond. Know your future wife’s style, attitude, and spirit while picking out an engagement ring stone.