Whenever you search for a phone on any shopping website and the phone which you are looking for has the best specifications that you need makes you happy(under your budget)? When your friends seek for your advice when they need to buy a new phone or laptop ? Do your friends or peer group whatsapp you anytime and say that my hard disk has crashed or my laptop has frozen, then my friend you belong to that extraordinary group of tech geeks.

The ravishing feeling when you peel off the screen guard from your new phone.

5 Blissful Things Which Mean Everything To Tech Geeks

That awesome moment when you kill the enemy in Counter-Strike with an unbelievable HEADSHOT.

5 Blissful Things Which Mean Everything To Tech Geeks

Whether a film, game or any tv series, after waiting for long hours, THIS happens.


The popup notification on your screen which says , “A system update is ready to be installed on your device.”


The feeling you get when your 3G  is functioning and rest of your friends are still waiting or about to throw their phones.