Mumbai is a great city for students, it has some of the best colleges in the country. Apart from college life there are many places in mumbai where we usually find college students chilling, so today we have list of 5 amazing student hangouts in mumbai.

1) Prithvi Cafe

Prithvi Cafe mumbai


If you are a Theatre and Art lover then you should not miss out on this place. Prithvi Cafe is a perfect place to chill out and spend some quality time with your friends. you can always enjoy the ambiance here with a cup of tea/coffee. This is a tiny cafe inside Prithvi theatre always filled up with people.

Highlights: You will love hot drinks like Sulemani chai and Irish coffee, you will always get a chance to meed new people who are as passionate as you are for theatres and art.


2) Gokul’s

Gokul's cafe mumbai



Well this is one of the places where your friends will frag you to if you are new to mumbai, Usually filled up with Xavier’s crowd this place is a 2 floored loaded with tables and AC.

Highlights: Food you should try here is The garlic chicken roll and gigantic pieces of juicy chicken Packed with mayo, this will fill you up quickly. And the best part, you get booze here.

3) Marine Drive

marine drive view


Marine drive is a must visit place in mumbai and you will find people chilling here 24*7. You can enjoy different shades of sunset here or chill at marine drive after partying at a night club. The atmosphere here is always pleasant and you will never know when time passes away at this beautiful place.

Highlights: You can enjoy amazing cutting chai offered cycle chai-wallah

4) Hiranandani

hiranandani mumbai


This place draw’s a lot of attention from college students, it is the ideal chill out place for them as you can fix your party at any trendy restaurants like Chillis, Hoppipola, Harry’s Bar and Café, Mirchi and Mime and many more at Hiranandani.

Highlights: Hiranandani has all type of places from fast food and cafes to multi cuisine restaurant.

5. Colaba Causeway

colaba shopping

Colaba has always attracted people of all ages, specially students who usually chill out at the famous restaurants and cafes here. well the most obvious choice to walk into a cafe in Colaba are Café Mondegar and much hyped and famous Leopold’s cafe. Apart from this awesome cafes you should visit Iranian restaurants at the back lanes, which are certainly worth trying.

Highlights: Tryout whole Arabian feel at Koyla’s and Theobroma’s Bacon Butty