Sustainable marketing is precisely what it says on the tin. It’s a set of practices that exists in such a way that it’s effortless to keep it evolving. Not only does this form of marketing advertise and publicise your business, but it also works to destigmatise stereotypes about the harm companies wreak on the environment.

Misconceptions exist today about companies that create vast amounts of pollution. Some do, of course, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Sustainable marketing aims to consider economic and environmental impacts and how the business being marketed impacts society.

Sustainable Marketing Strategies 

Sustainable marketing will interest you if you’re looking at alternative marketing schemes or have a new business underway. Here are four popular sustainable marketing strategies to consider.

1. Customer-Value

Here, the marketing technique aims to develop a rapport between the business and the customer. The strategy works to identify the unique qualities that the company audience values and prioritises through detailed research.

For instance, if the target audience appreciates a company that values sustainability as they do, you could advertise how using a portable power station has allowed you to save X amount of energy.

You’re aiming to find critical details connecting your business with your target audience. Then use that data to champion your strategy.

2. Social Marketing

As a core principle in the plan, social marketing means you must discern how your business contributes to solving a current issue. People care more about a brand with values in line with their own. The issue could be around social justice, the economy, politics if you want to take a view on that or issues of climate change.

An example issue is pollution. Say your business does work in an eco-friendly way by protecting a set amount of land for every 1000 products you sell. You’re a step away from social marketing. Your marketing would centre around how your company contributes to saving our planet and reducing carbon emissions by protecting land.

3. Marketing with a Mission

This form of marketing has similarities to social marketing. You will still need to identify an issue your consumer market agrees on as an important matter. Your tactic will show that your focus is on the problem rather than your business.

It might sound like you’re doing your company an injustice by diverting focus from it, but this strategy is a PR one. It communicates that you care for more than simple profit and business growth. Showcase your mission through your slogan and advertising.

4. Customer-Orientated Marketing

Here you’re trying to market yourself from your target audience’s perspective.

For instance, if you plant a tree in a rainforest each time someone buys one of your products, you could use before and after images in your advertisements. This is how your consumer witnesses the company from their perspective.

You portray your business as down to earth, and ultimately, you feel more approachable to your target market.

Implementing Strategy

Sustainable marketing isn’t about solely using one technique. To be of the best benefit to your brand, implement multiple sustainable strategies. They all blend and work together to create a robust scheme that shows your company is ahead of the trends in sustainable practices.