Some people say that traveling and being a student don’t go well together because you need a lot of money to go on vacation. But such prejudice can be refuted. A clever student can do anything, you just need to be smart and find interesting offers.

If you want to travel cheaply, you will have to work on planning and organizing your upcoming vacation. But it’s worth it: you will get lower prices and control at all stages of the trip.

If you feel too overloaded with university assignments and can’t find time to plan traveling, don’t get upset. Just Google “write paper for me” and get professional help with your tasks. And finally, get time to plan your dream vacation. You totally deserve it!

Let’s together check out where you can go on a student budget.

Winter Break Spots That Will Fit Your Budget


The cute towns of the south of Portugal with their white houses, fishing villages on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and wonderful nature will appeal to both lovers of beach trips and lovers of adventure and hikes.

Of course, in winter in Portugal, you won’t be able to swim in the ocean or sunbathe on luxurious beaches. However, even in the cold season, this country has something to attract travelers with.

What to do in Portugal in winter:

  • Visit local sights with excursions.
  • Taste local dishes.
  • Explore the scenic hiking trails along the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Walk the part of the famous Camino de Santiago, which stretches north from Porto.
  • Rent a car and travel around coastal towns.
  • Go to Nazaré, where the highest waves in the world have been recorded.

Features of a winter trip to Portugal:

  • There are few tourists here at this time.
  • The weather favors long walks because, in summer, the heat often interferes with travelers’ plans.
  • Housing prices are affordable here in winter – from 30 euros for apartments in Porto or Lisbon.
  • Car rental prices are also affordable – from 10 to 15 euros per day.
  • You can hit the post-Christmas sales in stores.

How you can save money in Portugal:

  • Prices for food and accommodation here are low. Therefore, €100 for one week may be quite enough.
  • Discount system. Don’t be afraid to ask about student discounts at the ticket office of the station or at the entrance to the museum.
  • Supermarkets. Even if you decide to stay in a hostel, remember that all traditional dishes can be bought in the ready-made food section of supermarkets. But many times cheaper. The most popular supermarkets in Portugal are Pingo Dose and Lidl. Many of them, by the way, work around the clock.
  • Water. Yes, the locals say that their tap water is good and can be consumed. But we advise otherwise. Buy a bottle of water on the first day and fill it with water from the pump thereafter. Fortunately, there are plenty of those in Portugal.
  • Restaurants. If you are tired of eating food from the supermarket and still want to try something national and refined, look for a place away from the center. Dinner with two dishes, wine, and dessert can cost only €20 for two.

Wisconsin, USA

You don’t necessarily need to travel abroad to have a wonderful time during the winter break. Wisconsin is located in the Midwest and Great Lakes region of the United States. Also called the “Badger State” or “America’s Dairyland,” it is one of the beautifully remote corners of the USA. In this state, you can see a lot of interesting things and many mesmerizing places, for example, the Apostle Islands.

In the icy waters of the Upper Lake, wild islands are scattered like jewels, which the locals call simply “Apostles.” The Apostle Islands, during winter, are the epitome of a hidden wonderland: a fairytale world filled with icy sea caves, deserted beaches, frozen waterfalls, and lighthouses that still signal the waters littered with the wrecks of old schooners.


It is rightfully one of the most popular destinations for winter holidays. Very affordable, and even on a student budget, you can have a great time there. Tourists return here, again and again, positively commenting on:

  • excellent beaches,
  • picturesque nature,
  • low prices,
  • delicious food.

If winter and the lack of sun adversely affect your health, it can be easily fixed in Thailand. The favorable climate allows you to get rid of headaches, dry skin, and nasal congestion. And the main thing is that you don’t need to do anything for this, sea air, sun, and bright impressions will do everything for you.

The best vacation spots in winter at an affordable price will be Samui, Krabi, and the well-known Pattaya.

Winter Break Spots That Will Fit Your Budget

What fits a student budget in Thailand:

  • Local food. Here you can eat for a very low price if you know what to look for and where and are ready to experiment. A full-fledged dish can cost from 30-40 baht ($1-1.2). At the night markets, all kinds of skewers, spring rolls, and sweets cost 10 baht ($0.3).
  • Fruit. Most fruits cost a penny. And if you come to the market before it closes or to the supermarket for promotions, you can get them for twice as cheap. For example, 1 kg of mango – 35-40 baht ($1.2), a bunch of bananas 15-20 baht (less than $1), 1 kg of mangosteen – 35 baht ($1).
  • Residence. If you rent a house or an apartment in a condominium for a period of 3 months or more, the prices are very attractive. For example, a nice condo with a pool and a gym can be rented for 6,000 baht ($195) per month.
  • Scooter. You can rent a two-wheeled vehicle here for a month from 2,500 baht ($80) and be free to move around.
  • Clothing. If you hunt a little at markets and night fairs, you can buy t-shirts, shorts, and sandals for 50 baht ($1.5).
  • Makeup. Various hair masks, face masks, and serums are cheap here, and you want to buy them all. So many interesting things! Hair masks and face masks for 10 baht ($0.3) each sound like a great deal.
  • Massages. Finding a massage for 150 baht ($5) is not a problem at all.

Wrapping up

Traveling is an integral part of an active and vibrant life. Today, this is a way to have fun, raise global awareness, and get an unforgettable experience. So it is important to use the time of youth to the fullest! Including travels. Especially since there are many options to do it relatively inexpensively.