25 “Wow” Photos That Are Worth Seeing at Least Once

Nature and its unique phenomena never cease to amaze us, but so do the everyday things in this world — especially if we look at them from a different angle. For example, have you ever wondered what the sectional view of a hedge looks like or what is inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

We collected 30 photos that will allow you to look at familiar things from a different angle. At the end of the article, there is a bonus waiting for you. It will prove how fast time flies.

24. This expressway leads straight into the sky.

23. The tallest man and the shortest woman in the world

22. Compact roots

21. This is what’s missing from our porcelain collection.

20. A sectional view of a hedge

19. A tree inside a tree

18. Here’s how an image looks on a smartphone screen. The photo is enlarged approximately 300 times.

17. Triple banana

16. This snail is eating a cucumber.

15. “Poured the remains of soap from several bottles into one and accidentally created a mini universe.”

14. Nature seems to be aware of what a gradient is.

13. It’s always interesting to find out what the ball from a spray paint looks like.

12. An ancient light bulb with an unusual filament

11. Inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa

10. This road in Scotland looks like a road on the clouds.

9. A client came to my father’s clinic with his poodles.

8. Crazy morning sky in Australia

7. “My acquaintance was brought food on the shoulder of a cow in the restaurant.”

6. Robots have learned parkour.

5. The sun turned a cloud into a nuclear mushroom.

4. This photo from Toronto looks like a frame from the movie Blade Runner 2049.

3. “It seems the onion is trying to say something important to me.”

2. This backlit bridge in the fog looks impressive.

1. Fireworks in a sectional view

Bonus: Donald Trump and Barack Obama in their youth

Looking at these photos from 40 years ago, could you think that these 2 guys would become future US presidents? Yes, they are Donald Trump and Barack Obama at 20 and 18 respectively.

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