It seems that people aren’t understanding the magnitude of the COVID19 crisis. In order to control the spread of the pandemic in the country, the entire country was in lockdown till 1st June. From 22nd March to 1st June, only essential services were on.

However, with Unlock – 1 coming into implementation, there is a huge spike in the number of cases across the country. Padra is a suburb of Vadodara. It is a major center for supplying vegetables to Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Anand, Nadiad, Bharuch, and nearby region.

Why is Corona rising in Padra?

vadodara coronavirus

Since 1st June, this region has noticed an exponential rise in the number of COVID19 cases. While on 31st May, the total number of corona cases in Padra was 38. In just 17 days of Unlock – 1, the number of total corona patients is now at 152. This clearly depicts the terrible nature of Corona in Padra.

It is noteworthy that the traders of Padra started interstate travel after Unlock – 1. Due to this, the vegetable traders contribute more to the number of corona cases in Padra. Till 11th June, almost 9 vegetable traders were down with corona. And just within a span of a week, that number rose to 25.

Seemingly the vegetable market of Padra is becoming the epicenter of Corona. Many vegetable vendors from Vadodara go to Padra on a daily basis to purchase vegetables. That could possibly be the reason that many fruit and vegetable vendors in Vadodara are falling down due to COVID19.

In order to curb the spread of Corona, the vegetable vendors imposed a self-lockdown in between 13th to 17th June. One of the Local Traders of the Market speaks about their arrangements,

“The timing of the vegetable market has been fixed at 4-7 am to avoid large crowds and the markets opened with strict social distancing. People are aware that the town is clustered and it is difficult to break the chain of the transmission unless we stay indoors.”

Let’s Hope, the situation comes under control!