21 Clothing Designs That Were Just Too Much for Us to Handle

The world of fashion keeps changing and amazing us day by day. Basically, it’s there to make people, especially women, look more attractive. But sometimes designers take this task too literally and create masterpieces that can become nominees for “the strangest item of clothing” award.

Today We have collected a set of ’slightly’ odd clothing and accessory designs that will probably stay in your memory for quite a while.

The Olympic uniform designer for the US team should be promoted ASAP.

Hmm. What?

Are those high heels or shackles?

Nipply buttons…

Bikini fail:

To make everything look upstanding:

Dust cleaner?

Another incarnation of a multi-armed god

No more leaky socks

At least you can sleep whenever you want.

Is there a hidden idea behind this dress?

Is there anybody out there?

A pendant with a cockroach. Don’t you want one?

How about a pendant in the shape of an eyeball?

To bra or not to bra? That is the question.

Repurposed tablecloth

For the ultimate cat lover:


A philosophical design:

A bag that you can milk…

Flesh me!

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