16 Impressive Curiosities and weirdness of CHINA

16 Impressive Curiosities and weirdness of CHINA, whenever we hear about China we remember as one of the most populous countries in the world, for their food or being producers of all kinds of objects: clothing or food, which for not being original or quality, are sold more cheap.

Its culture is globally recognized, and we must not forget representative things of this country like: the Chinese wall that is one of the seven wonders of the world; of Confucius who is well known philosopher for his phrases or that the Chinese handle their own year and traditions.

1. They eat cats

For us they are pets, but for the Chinese, they are a food; Each year they feed on 4 million cats. However, because of their beliefs, they consider cats as good luck since El Zhaocai Mao is represented by a cat that means a call, giving good luck to those who own it.

2. Space for technology

In the city of Chongqing all cell phone lovers have their own space to walk and avoid accidents of colliding with another pedestrian.

3. Big Traffic Ever

In the city of Shanghai, there is a record of having the longest traffic jam, since it stretches around 62 kilometers and can last up to 12 days.

4. Mental and physical training for women

They prepare women to be mothers, for this reason in 1973 China proposed sending 10 million Chinese women to the United States to increase their population.

5. The effects of pollution

Due to the high levels of pollution, the health of the Chinese population is affected, since the ambient air is so polluted that it is as if they smoked approximately 21 cigarettes per person.

6. Taboos regarding virginity

Their customs make them conservative, and women are able to pay $ 700 for surgery to rebuild the hymen and prove their virginity

7. Environmental pollution: a factor of concern

It is impressive how this country is affected by pollution, since in some places it exceeded 400 micrograms per cubic meter; and not only that, it travels through the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco, USA.

8. High rates of abortions

Due to the overpopulation that exists in China, there is a single-child policy, many parents want the child to continue with the family name or his legacy, and therefore there are a large number of cases of abortions when the baby is female.

9. The line for the metro is very long

To take the train, enter the cinema or go to the museum you have to go with time, since you will run into very long lines in all public places.

10. The use of life preservers in rivers or in the sea

No matter how old you are, if you do not know how to swim, the best thing you can do is use a life preserver, since it is common for the entire population.

11. Agreement with Google

In China you can legally download free music, since 99% is obtained through piracy, the multinational discography companies make a pact in order to generate extra income.

12. Eccentricities in Chinese food

According to their belief, if they let marinate the eggs in urine of young Chinese, they have an exquisite flavor when cooked.

13. Fast and comfortable food

Instead of going to buy their fast food, it is taken to the comfort of their cars

14. There is a lot of poverty

The labor is paid very badly, so there are 100 million people living with the equivalent of one dollar a day

15. Criminal law

The penalties in China can be by death penalty, for this reason they execute four times more prisoners than in other countries

16. Correct posture to wear the uniform

To train Chinese soldiers to keep their chins upright, a pin is placed on the neck of their uniforms.

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