15 Summer Problems Every Women Can Relate To

Being a women is no easy feat. There are so many daily struggles that women have to go through to be as awesome as they are. There’s the monthly period that comes in all its glory with the swollen boobs and PMS. Then there’s the shaving routine. You can’t look hot and gorgeous if you have curly hairs adorning your legs. Don’t even get me started on the sweating issues. All these issues get magnified during summer time due to excessive heat.

15. And you thought it would be so romantic.

14. How am I doing. Sweating like a pig

13. If only the hair on our head grew as fast as the hair on our legs.

12. The annoying boob sweat struggle.

11. Wearing these all the time has its cons.

10. When the winter weight shows itself.

9. After an hour of wearing makeup in the open.

8. The confusing bra straps’ season.

7. When I don’t even have to look for my shades anymore.

6. When you get slimmer and forget to tell your thighs about it.

5. Mascara in the heat is not a good idea.

4. When did you get an afro.

3. Boys aren’t the only thing behind you when you wear perfume.

2. And the lipstick’s sweat more than us.

1. Are my lady bits showing.

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