Pune is very near to mumbai but many people prefer to stay in Pune because of lip-smacking cuisine, amazing people and how can we forget the beautiful weather and don’t forget you get some amazing picturesque surroundings full of natural beauty.

Pune offers everything you want in your gateway and thus it is one of the most desirable city to live in India. Today we 15 Pictures Only Proper Punekar’s Will Understand .

1) This dating scene

the dating scene pune

Image Source :- Facebook: TheDarkRebel

2) This unnecessary sass

This unnecessary sass pune

Image Source :- Twitter: @muglikar_

3) And this one


                           Image Source :- The Punekar / Via Facebook: thepunekar

4) This warning


                             Image Source :- facebook.com

5) This unavoidable reality

punekar facebook page

                Image Source :-  Facebook: ProperPunekar

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6) This unique preparation

This unique preparation in pune

             Image Source Twitter: @jehoza

7) This sign of loyalty In Pune

This sign of loyalty in pune

                            Image Source :- Marathi Touch / Via Facebook: marathitouch

8) This saving grace

rash driving in pune

                               Image Source Facebook: 930107813733161

9) This restaurant name

aai mala bhukh lagi restaurant in pune

                Image Source :- Twitter: @gargipaigude

10) This conundrum

parking in peth area

Image Source :- Proper Punekar / Via Facebook: ProperPunekar

11) This legend

punekar version of facebook

Image Source :- Facebook: ProperPunekar

12) This familiar cry

This familiar cry

                  Image Source :- Facebook: marathitouch

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