10+ Weird Facts That You Definitely Did Not Need To Know About American Pie

They handed over a sausage wrapped in aluminium to Jason Biggs to make it look like an erection.

In High School, Alison Hannigan was a clarinet player.

Prior to this movie, MILF totally had a different meaning as an abbreviation standing for Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

According to the script, Finch’s scooter was not supposed to break down.

The names in original script were different as of real movie.

Steve Stifler was paid just $8000 for the first movie whereas he was given $1 Million for Reunion.

Alyson Hannigan totally went down in her character and ended up annoying herself at various occasions.

During the internet broadcast scene between Jim and Nadia, Blink 182 made a cameo appearance.

The film made a profit of $235 Million while its budget was only $11 Million.

The screenwriter Adan Herz made high school look like his own high school.

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