10 Things you can do with your partner before sleeping to be completely happy

10 Things you can do with your partner before sleeping to be completely happy, Four out of 5  couples consider Facebook as one of the main reasons for their breakup. This is due to the fact that people spend more time on the Internet than talking to each other. In addition, to be happy “companions”, the time they spend together can not be measured simply by hours. It must be quality time. And to achieve this, you can use the following tips.

1. Cooking and eating together

Cooking together can provide many benefits such as equality, learning andmemories. When you cook with your partner, you can share your tricks, remember and discuss your favorite childhood dishes and feel your marital life relationships. Both participate in the preparation of meals, nobody gets tired after hours in the kitchen, in addition, nobody feels that he has done everything alone.

After they have prepared dinner, it is beneficial to eat together . It can help improve their closenessand put them in a better mood. By sharing food, they communicate with each other, feel their connection and can share their plans and ideas.

2. Talk about the good things of the day

One of the steps to have a relaxing sleep and a healthy relationship is to  avoid stressful discussions or induce anxiety. The reason is that an accelerated heart beat and increased tension can occur. Even if the day was not so good, you can always find something positive to talk about and let your partner sleep without worries.

A simple question about something good that happened during the day will help change your mood and evoke positive emotions . It is also a good opportunity to stay in touch with your partner and know your life outside the home.

3. Look each other in the eyes

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Eye contact is as powerful as it is simple. During this process, you can feel your partner. An invisible energy connection is established when you look at each other . It helps you  break the barriers and better understand your unit. This increases relaxation, as well as your emotional bond.

Just sit in front of your partner and look each other in the eye. Try to feel the connection and read the emotions in your partner’s eyes. Do this for 2 minutes.

4. Remember your first moments together

Before going to bed, try to remember the first time you met your partner. Share your impressions of this fact and ask your partner to tell you what he or she felt. You can re-read the love letters, remember your first date, the kisses and hugs that were given. It is also useful to relive relationships to remember and repeat those first romantic moments.

The shared memories unite them and make those pleasant moments come back once more. They help you to be in tune and strengthen your relationship.

5. Massaging each other

According to studies , couples who are regularly massaged feel more satisfied. It improves your well-being and reduces stress. A 15-minute massage for each one at least twice a week is effective for mental and physical health. It makes you feel better when giving and receiving a massage.

6. Dancing together

While you dance, you maximize your  cognitive function , and most importantly, you will do some  exercise while having fun with your partner. Even if you’re a bit tired at the end of the day, for a couple of minutes, just play your favorite song and invite your partner to dance.

Dancing together is good to keep passion alive in your relationship. It also helps you  pay attention to each other. They work as a team, supporting and guiding each other. They communicate non-verbally and verbally, improving collaboration as well as respect.

7. Sing for your partner

Singing before bed is  a good way to bond. Just remember the lullabies you heard when you were a child before falling asleep and how much they helped establish a connection. Singing has positive psychological effects and improves the well-being of the couple.

While you sing, you release energy, your mood changes and you feel happier. You can open up to your partner, which will allow you to get closer to her . Also, singing in front of someone improves your confidence in yourself.

8. Read together

While they are reading, they both discover new things and get a lot of information to discuss. They learn together, become smarter and share similar interests. You get to know and understand your partner better when you talk about a book they just read together.

Improve your connection and strengthen your relationship. In addition, reading makes you more attractive.

9. Express gratitude

According to science,  gratitude is not just an action, but an emotion of appreciation and a form of generosity and kindness. Expressing gratitude improves the communal strength, in addition, you can evoke this emotion in different ways.

Before falling asleep, thank your partner for breakfast or for taking care of the children. You can show gratitude through actions : prepare a warm bath for your loved one, prepare a tea or take care of his or her comfort in some other way. Your relationship will be strengthened.

10. Go to bed at the same time

It can cause several problems if couples have different bedtime. These couples generally have more conflicts, spend less time together and have less frequent sexual activity. They lose intimacy and their connection which can lead to a breakup.

That is why, to maintain the heat of the relationship and not have the feeling of loneliness , couples should go to bed at the same time. This avoids negative habits like going to bed too late, giving them more time together and helping to strengthen their bond.

Which of these ideas would you like to try? Do you know any other useful activity you can do as a couple “before going to bed”? Tell us in the comments below.

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