10 Signs That Mean He’s a Real Man & Not a Playboy!


If you are dating a player, he doesn’t care about your emotional and mental sensitivities. Women are all about feelings and players are not, unfortunately. He isn’t going to care if he leaves your heart and soul shattered into a million pieces and you can be sure as hell that he won’t be around to help you put the pieces back together. A guy who doesn’t play games will never pose a threat to your emotional and mental well-being. He will never give you a reason to put your guard up or feel like there is a need to defend your emotions against him. He is going to show through his actions that you can put your trust in him.


He will never attack you personally. You will not have to worry whether what he just said was a compliment or backhanded criticism. He will never hit you below the belt and will not belittle you to a point where you are crushed under self-doubt and misery. He will boost your confidence and always cheer you on. A guy who doesn’t play games will build you up instead of tearing you down as a person. A relationship with him won’t be a toxic one and what’s more is that he won’t allow stand for else to treat you that way either.


With a nice guy, you will not have to keep guessing his every move and intention. You won’t have to read between the lines of whatever he says because he is being honest. He tells you how he feels and won’t string you along in the relationship. He will make sure you know what his intentions and expectations are and there won’t be any need for you to keep second guessing every move he makes. He will not hesitate in clearing any doubts you may have and you’ll be liberated from a constant worry.


He will not shy away from introducing you to his friends and family.

If he believes that he has real feelings about you, he will not hesitate in communicating that to you. If he likes you, he’ll be straight about it. If he is interested in you, he will make that evident. And if he loves, you will say those three words without making you yearn for them. He won’t play little mind and heart games to tease you but he will put you at ease by embracing his feelings for you.


When he is honest with you about his feelings, it will naturally prompt you to do the same. You won’t be scared of communicating your thoughts and emotions with him. You will not be scared of letting him in emotionally because you know that you can trust him completely. He’s earned that trust through his actions and you will reciprocate the gesture. You can talk to him easily about things that bother you or what’s really on your mind. You can discuss your relationship with him without making him feel offended or go on the defensive.


Uncertainty makes women anxious. Men can do a lot of things which give rise to uncertainty in different situations but a guy who doesn’t play games will never give you a reason to be anxious.

He won’t make you wait for ages before replying to a text message or not call you back after he said he would. In return, you will learn to relax around him and not worry too much. Guys who play games love seeing you emotionally vulnerable. They love making you feel guilty about things that may not even have been your fault. A nice guy will not make you freak out over every little thing and if you do, he will smooth the issue out just like that.


We are so invested in the rules of dating, worrying about the dos and don’t’s that we lose track of the real thing; love. You wonder how it ever became so hard to just fall in love with someone. Since he’s not playing games with you, things will be simpler and easier. There are no mind tricks and emotional manipulation involved and you two can just be. He would be dependable and you can be effortlessly in love with him.


Guys who don’t play games are not afraid of admitting where they stand in a relationship. If he likes you but doesn’t want anything serious, he will let you know off the bat. He won’t string you along on the hopes of ‘something more’.

If he is genuinely interested and wants to take things to the next level, he will tell you so in words. He won’t make you wait for something that may never happen and he will not keep you in the dark about his feelings towards you. He will not be scared of defining the relationship.


If things get serious, he will not get cold feet and run off. He won’t have commitment issues and any doubts that he may have, he will able to discuss them freely and openly with you.


The thing with players is that to keep the upper hand, you have to play the same games as them. It keeps them hooked and interested. But you can’t keep the charade up for too long. When he’s not playing games with you, you won’t be compelled to do so either. Things would be simpler and easier.


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