People love romantic movie quotes and they even share such moments with their loved ones. Romantic movies are known for dialogues and it might sometimes be exchanged in reality between couples. The scripted dialogues are now being replaced with the straight forward ones but some romantic dialogues have touched the heart of millions of people, so today we have a list of some awesome romantic dialogues.

Romantic Movie Quotes

1) Movie: – Runway Bride

runway bride romantic dialogue



2) Movie :- Jerry Maguire

jerry maguire romantic dialogye



3) Movie :- Fanaa

fanaa romantic dialogue



4) Movie :- As good as it gets

as good as it gets romantic dialogue



5) Movie :- Aashiqui 2

Aashiqui 2 romantic dialogue


6) Movie :- Before sunshine

before sunrise romantic dialogue


7) Movie :- Mohabbatein 

Mohabbatein romantic dialogue


8) Movie :- Dil chahta hai 

Dil chahta hai romantic dialogue


9) Movie :- Yeh jawaani hai diwani

Yeh jawaani hai diwani romantic dialogue


10) Movie:- A walk to remember

A walk to remember romantic dialogue